Bloody Christmas: Man stabbed on Graham Avenue

90th Precinct


Christmas stabbing

A thug and his five accomplices stabbed and robbed a 32-year-old man on Graham Avenue on Dec. 25.

The victim was walking near Johnson Avenue at 5:07 am, when the perps attacked. One stabbed the man in his torso while the others took his wallet.

Three’s company

Three thugs sliced a man’s face open on Grand Street on Dec. 22, cops said.

The victim was about to step into a bar near Driggs Avenue at 11:20 pm, when the perps jumped him.

One suspect pulled out a knife and slashed his face before cops took the assailant into custody.

Keap it

A gun-toting goon robbed a woman inside her Keap Street building on Dec. 24.

The victim was entering her building near Grand Street at 8:25 pm when the perp followed her inside and said, “Give me your bag!”

The woman resisted at first, but quickly changed her mind when the suspect flashed his pistol.

Phone pinch

A thief swiped a man’s phone as he got onto the L-train on Dec. 21 — but he didn’t get far with the item.

Witnesses said the suspect exited a train that had just rumbled into the Montrose Avenue station at 9:50 pm and grabbed his victim’s cellphone.

The victim demanded his phone back, but the suspect punched him in the face and ran off — only to be arrested a short time later.

Bag job

A fashion-forward thief stole $1,500 worth of bags and scarves from a Grand Street boutique on Dec. 17.

The thief entered Le Grand Strip near Bedford Avenue at 5:15 pm, taking the costly accessories from an unlocked display case.

Burgle bonanza

Thieves were violating a lot of people’s personal space this week. Here’s the rundown.

• A hungry burglar broke into a S. Sixth Street nouveau barbecue joint on Dec. 24, where he cracked a safe and stole $880.

The proprietor locked up his restaurant at 6 am, but when he returned a few hours later, he saw the safe was open and his cash was gone.

• A thief took $4,600 from an ATM machine inside a Lorimer Street dry cleaners shop on Dec. 19.

The cash-strapped crook busted the store’s front lock sometime after 8 pm.

Bag gone

A thief stole a bag, iPod, camera, and keys from a car parked on Meserole Street on Dec. 21.

The driver left his vehicle near Manhattan Avenue at 12:45 pm. He returned at 2 pm, but it was already too late: his driver’s side window had been smashed and his stuff was already missing.

Guitar swiped

A thief stole two guitars from a car parked on S. Fifth Street.

The driver parked near Kent Avenue at 9 pm on Dec. 17 and didn’t return for more than 24 hours — giving the thief plenty of time to break the driver’s side window and take the music makers.

— Aaron Short

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