Boerum Street shooting!

Boerum hilled

A perp shot a man inside his Boerum Street apartment on April 2 at 5:30 am — its bullet just grazing the top of his head.

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital three hours later from his apartment near Manhattan Avenue.

Bar punch

A fight inside a Hope Street bar on March 31 led to the arrest of one man.

The victim told cops that he was leaving the bar near Roebling Street at 4 am when a thug punched him in the face and tried to take his phone.

The would-be thief fled toward the back of the bar, where cops easily found and handcuffed him.

Phone slap

A thief took a woman’s phone and slapped her at Wythe Avenue on March 30.

The woman got into an argument with the perp at 9:30 pm near Grand Street, when he grabbed her phone from her jacket. She tried to get it back, but he hit her and ran away.

Empty pockets

Three perps held up a man at Roebling Street on April 2, but were quickly arrested.

The man was on S. First Street at 3 am when the three robbers surrounded him and one said, “Empty your pockets.

The posse took his iPhone and cash, and fled, but were picked up by police later that day.

Many burglaries

At least three homes were broken into last week. Here are the sordid details:

• A thief broke into an Ainslie Street apartment near Keap Street at 3 am on March 28, grabbing a laptop, an iPhone and an iPad, arousing its tenants and their dog.

• A thief stole a laptop from a S. Second Street apartment at 11 pm on March 30, waking its tenant before slipping out through the fire escape to Marcy Avenue.

• A thief stole $200 from an unlocked Broadway apartment on March 28 while its tenant was away. When she returned to the apartment at 10 am, she found it was gone.

Road report

Last week wasn’t too bad for reports of car trouble:

• A thief swiped a camera and lens from a car on Metropolitan Avenue on April 2. The equipment’s owner told cops that he’d parked near Kent Avenue at 2 pm, but when he returned two hours later, he found that his window was broken and his stuff was gone.

Bike division

A thief swiped a bike from the hallway of a Division Avenue apartment building on April 3. The owner said he was away from the building near Berry Street for just an hour.

— Aaron Short