Boldly going where they haven’t been in 100 years

Admiral, there be whales here!Twenty-five years later, it seems this Leonard Nimoy-directed flick was prophetic after all, because now the humpbacks, along with dolphins and seals, are back in the waters off the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, joyously swimming and sunning themselves after about a century of absence. The whales, along with their kissing cousins, have returned in record numbers, partly because of anti-hunting laws and cleaner waters, say experts. A recent report in the Daily News stated that humpbacks, minks, rights, fins, seis and blues have returned. Seals can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks off Staten Island, whales are busily crooning to prospective mates in the Narrows and dolphins are playfully greeting ships that ply their trade., now that I think of it, that trip to Boston was right before the movie premiered. Maybe Gene Roddenberry [email protected]

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