Bomb the group hug for terrorists

Next, the American Civil Liberties Union will tell the Islamic world that it’s a poster child for democracy while the Nobel Committee gives it a peace prize.

Islamic fundamentalists must have a colossal inferiority complex to swallow the political poop being shoveled down their throats by President Obama. The man is on a Muslim mission, leaving no stone unturned in his haste to kiss up to the world’s most unyielding community.

The ingratiation reached a gagging low with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s apoplectic interview on al Jazeera television, where he assured believers through the Arabic news network — considered by many to be an al Qaeda mouthpiece and inciter of violence against American troops — that his “perhaps foremost mission” was to “find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science.”

Even the official was hard-pressed to cite any present-day examples because there haven’t been any in 1,000 years since a brief brain boom in Spain was crushed by Islam’s radicals — whatta surprise — who imposed a strict doctrine that still makes religious automatons out of its faithful, and diminishes their opportunities to compete in an industrialized world.

Then there are those “scientists” that simply traffic terror.

They include Aafia Siddiqui, a neuroscientist dubbed “Lady Qaeda,” was convicted in February of trying to kill American soldiers and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents. And, Abdul Qadeer Khan, a scientist, metallurgical engineer and founding father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, who has admitted to selling his knowledge on the black market to anti-American nations, such as North Korea and Iran, who can thank him for their atomic powers.

As for the much-touted Golden Age of Islam of the early Middle Ages, its only greatness was that it was less abysmal than its European Dark Age counterpart. The Persian Muslim Kharazmi is credited with being the father of algebra, for introducing the actual writing down of calculations in Arabic, but it took the European entrepreneurial likes of Issac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to run with the mighty algorithm, discovering and developing calculus, and spurring the kind of industrial and technical advances that we take for granted today.

Today’s Frustrated Age of Islam boasts a moderate majority unbothered by its terrorists, and one only interested in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. His words govern every aspect of their lives and allow no room for the type of initiative being sought by President Obama.

The innovative ideals of America are capital offenses in Islamic fundamentalist countries, where ruthless regimes would sooner send their choked people to the moon with a beating than on a spaceship. Americans should be loathe to share their pioneering spirit and technological advances with a community which has yet to raise a finger against its boom-boom-booming population of terrorists.

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