Bone-breaker busted

Hand-breaker busted

A 58-year-old brute was busted on Sept. 8 for breaking an opponent’s hand during an Aug. 28 brawl on E. 84th Street.

The suspect and the victim were arguing inside a home near Avenue K when the thug smashed the other man’s hand with a metal rod.

Cops charged him with assault.

Wallet-grabber busted

A 17-year-old was arrested for this week for an Aug. 29 robbery he committed with two other teens on Williams Avenue.

The victim was inside the Breukelen Houses between Stanley Avenue and Glenwood Road at 12:15 am when the thieves formed a semi-circle around him — forcing him to give up his wallet.

Paerdegat weave

Cops put the brakes on a would-be drunk driver on Sept. 13 after he was found weaving past Flatlands Avenue.

Police stopped the 53-year-old man’s 1992 Ford Taurus near Paerdegat Avenue because his headlights weren’t working. Cops soon realized that the man was too drunk to be behind the wheel.

— Thomas Tracy