Boot beating on train

Nice boots

Two punks attacked and robbed a man of his cellphone on the F train at the Jay Street-Metrotech station on Jan. 8.

The victim told cops that he was seated directly across from the perps when the train pulled into the station at about 1:25 am. The two sneaks were complimenting him on his boots, until one of them randomly got up and punched him in the face. The other grabbed his phone as the train doors opened, and said, “Stay on the train or we’ll beat you some more,” before the two fled.

Why guy?

Someone burglarized the Wi-Pie pizza joint on Remsen Street on Jan. 8.

The store’s owner said that he entered the store, which is near Clinton Street, at about 11:30 pm to find that the locks had been busted and the register and coin safe had been broken into. The perps had made off with about $460.

Free punch

A brute randomly attacked and robbed a man near the York Street train station on Jan. 8.

The victim said he was on his way to his car on Jay Street at about 2:50 am when the perp approached and said, “If you scream I’ll kill you,” and then punched him in the face. Then the victim handed over a bunch of cash before the jerk fled.


Some thieves heisted two computers from a Jay Street commercial space on Jan. 4 while its owner was on vacation.

The business owner told cops that he entered his shop, which is near Plymouth Street, at about 2:30 pm that day after having been gone for a week. He realized that two computers were missing — and, sadly, that there were no cameras to record the crime.

Window jack

A thief smashed the windows of a car on Court Street before stealing an envelope filled with $300 on Jan. 4.

The car’s owner said that he arrived at his vehicle, which was near State Street, at about 1:15 pm to find the back window smashed out and that the envelope he’d stashed under the driver’s seat was gone.


Two creeps robbed a German tourist on Plymouth Street on Jan. 3.

The victim told cops that he was near Gold Street at about 1 pm when the two thieves approached and demanded his backpack. The poor guy didn’t want any trouble, so he handed over the bag.

He returned to the Fatherland the next day.

iGive chase

A quick cretin stole a man’s iPhone 4 on the 2 train at the Borough Hall station on Jan. 7.

The victim said he was playing video games on the train at about 10 am when the perp snatched the expensive device out of his hand and fled. But he wasn’t giving up easily, and gave chase out of the station and down Joralemon Street for a while. Tragically, the jerk was too quick and got away.

— Andy Campbell