Borough atheists need to know they’re not alone

Atheist leader David Silverman.
Community Newspaper Group / Aaron Short

What many people fail to understand about atheism is that it is older than religion.

Before there was religion, everyone was an atheist, and since there have been myths there have been people who did not believe them.

The more answers we learn about the human body, the Earth, and the universe, the less relevant religion becomes in society. As we interact more with other religions and their followers, we realize the faults in their own belief systems.

Our nation is full of insulated communities of varying religions and sects. This is even true within major urban areas like Brooklyn. Atheists within these communities often feel extremely alone and misunderstood. Our organization frequently receives calls and emails from people within these kinds of communities and from those who have finally escaped them.

Our goal with this billboard campaign is to show these communities, and the nation, that atheists are NOT alone.

In fact, non-religious Americans are the fastest growing “religious” demographic in all fifty states and religion is rapidly becoming extinct in nine other nations.

It is important to understand that we are not trying to “convert people to atheism,” and we do not want to enrage anyone. However, we want the people within these communities — those who are already atheists — to know that they have options.

We want them to know that we accept atheists from all religious backgrounds and ethnicities. They should know that they do not need to live a lie or pretend to worship a god in which they do not believe.

David Silverman is the president of American Atheists, Inc.

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