Bottle-wielding crew attack and rob man

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bottle opener

Six goons beat and robbed a man outside of his Avenue U apartment building on Sept. 19, taking cash and electronics.

The victim told police that he was coming up to the front door of his building between Van Sicklen and Lake streets at 3 am, when the reprobates cut him off and started harassing him.

An argument ensued and eventually climaxed when one of the crew members took up a beer bottle and cracked it open on the victim’s head, according to police. The blow sent the victim reeling to the ground, where he was pinned down as the crooks rifled through his pockets and looted his valuables, cops said.

Clothing caper

Three punks robbed a man of his cash and a bag full of clothes on 17th Avenue on Sept. 19.

The victim told police that he was between 77th and 78th streets on his way home from a soccer game at 10:40 pm when he dastardly trio skulked up and began showering him with a flurry of vicious blows to the head.

When the victim was sufficiently cowed, the crooks grabbed $300 from his pockets and took his book bag, which contained a spare change of clothes, cops said.

Knife to meet you

A knife-wielding savage robbed a 27-year-old man inside the vestibule of an 82nd Street apartment building on Sept. 17, taking cash and a cellphone.

The victim told police that, as he approached his home between 23rd and 24th avenues at 3:10 am, he spotted a mysterious tail following him up the block. The lurking stranger followed him into the building’s lobby, where he declared his intentions — at knife-point.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t hand over your property,” the knave growled.

The victim handed over his valuables without complaint, cops said.

Taxi take down

A stickup man robbed a cab driver inside his taxi on Bay 17th Street on Sept. 17, taking cash and a cellphone.

The victim told police he picked up the fare on 15th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and chauffeured him to various destinations throughout the borough, including stops on 85th Street near 23rd Avenue and 16th Avenue near New Utrecht Avenue, before ultimately arriving at Bay 17th Street between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at 12:15 pm.

The victim then turned around expecting his payment, but instead found a silver pistol leveled at his cranium. The crook fled with $170, plus an iPhone 6, according to police.

Ticket snub

Cops are hunting an irate motorist who they say attacked a meter maid on Sept. 16, as revenge for issuing him a parking summons.

The victim told police that she was writing up the ticket between W. Seventh and W. Eighth streets at 12:55 pm when the suspect somehow bashed the victim’s leg with his car door.

As the victim radioed for backup, the suspect peeled off in his white Kia, which had Jersey plates and a Batman decal, cops said.

Rude awakening

A burglar looted a woman’s 68th Street apartment on Sept. 21, taking electronics as she slept.

The victim told police she was counting sheep inside her apartment between 18th and 19th avenues by 12:01 am, and awoke at 5:55 am to find that some crook had stolen into her apartment through a side window and made off with her valuables.

Jewel thief

A thief ransacked a woman’s Cropsey Avenue apartment of jewelry on Sept. 18.

Surveillance footage shows the intruder entering the victim’s home between Bay 28th and Bay 29th streets at 10 am, taking advantage of an unlocked kitchen window in order to appropriate the victim’s jewels, cops said.

Roommates from hell

Cops are hunting two women who they say pilfered their former roommate’s valuables from her Bay 16th Street apartment on Sept. 16.

The victim’s 11-year-old son told police that he arrived at his home between 85th and 86th streets on his way back from the store at 5 pm, when he spotted the victim’s former roommates, who had moved out a week ago, and three other men moving out the women’s stuff.

When the victim returned home later, however, she discovered that some of her things were missing too, including $40, jewelry, and perfume, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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