Breaking moos! Aggie the cow is dead

Breaking moos! Aggie the cow is dead
Photo by Julie Larsen Maher / Wildlife Conservation Society

Aggie, the Prospect Park Zoo’s beloved cow, is dead. She was 18, and died of natural causes.

A Dexter cow, Aggie lived in the barnyard since her birth in 1993, sharing space with sheep, miniature horses and those pesky alpacas.

Her staccato moos frightened generations of children, but also cheered kids of all ages, many of whom wrote notes that filled her “moo box” and covered a corkboard inside the barn.

“You are beautiful and I would never want to eat you,” wrote one young fan (who clearly miscast affection as vegetarianism). Another wrote, “Dearest Agatha you are the color to my rainbow…”

Dexter cows live an average of 15-20 years.

“Aggie will be greatly missed,” said Denise McClean, director of the Zoo. “People grew up visiting her and came back to the zoo to see her through the years. She had a big personality and loved the attention.”

It’s not the first time that Brooklyn has lost an oversized zoological personality. In 2008, the New York Aquarium lost Ayveq, its famed masturbating walrus.

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