Bridges to hell

Bridge jumpers

Cops are searching for two perps who attacked at least three victims along the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge footpaths last week. A cop source said that the victims are reporting similar descriptions of two tall young men in dark sweatshirts in each incident. Here’s a round-up:

• Two perps attacked a cyclist on Nov. 4 as he rode along the Manhattan Bridge path near Plymouth Street. The perps pushed the victim off his bike at around 2:30 pm, just as one pulled out his gun and said, “Get up against the wall and give me your money.”

The Carroll Gardens man obliged, and the thugs stole his wallet, cellphone, keys, messenger bag and sweater.

• Two perps attacked another cyclist on the same path near Flatbush Avenue Extension on Nov. 5.

The two perps came up behind the man, who only speaks Mandarin, and pushed him to the ground. One punched the victim in the face, while the other demanded cash and said, “Money, money, money.”

The victim forked over $300.

• Two thugs mugged a man on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path on Nov. 4, making off with his cellphone, iPod and briefcase. As the perps approached the man, who was nearing the Washington Street exit, one punched him in the face while the other said, “Give me your money.”

The victim tried to fight, and ended up cutting his hand.

Wheely bad

A burglar broke into an Atlantic Avenue apartment on Nov. 3 while its owner was at work, and made off with a $600 bicycle and $4,000 computer.

The resident, who lives between Hicks and Henry streets, left for work around 9:45 am, but when she returned around 6:30 pm, she noticed that her front door was unlocked and her rear window was open.

Mean streets

A thug mugged a 13-year-old — from Manhattan, no less! — at the corner of Henry and Clark streets on Nov. 5, getting away without a fight.

The student, who lives in Tribeca but goes to school in Brooklyn Heights, was walking to the subway at 2:30 pm when the perp approached him and said, “Give me your wallet.”

The kid obliged without a fight, handed over his wallet and $47, and went home.

Saw something

Cops arrested a thug after he slashed a man on Court Street on Nov. 6.

The victim was walking along Court Street right at Borough Hall around 7 pm when the man hit him in the head with a sharp object.

Cops saw the incident, and arrested the perp on the spot. Paramedics gave the victim three stitches to his head wound.

Dude, where’s my car?

A thief stole a man’s car on Nov. 8, before deciding to instead abandon it several blocks away.

The victim parked his Acura sedan near the northeast corner of Gold and Nassau streets at 1 am, but when he came back at 7 am, the car was gone. He started looking around the neighborhood, and found it several blocks away, double-parked near Prospect Street. The man’s radio was missing and his ignition had been tampered with, but the car was fine otherwise.

Loose change

A man tried to rob a Smith Street bank on Nov. 8, but was foiled when he got nervous and left the scene.

The man entered the bank, which is near Wyckoff Street, just before 11 am and asked a bank teller about opening a bank account. He then left without following through, but returned 10 minutes later and approached the teller.

This time, the man said, “This is a bank robbery, you know what to do,” according to police. But the teller just shut her door in the man’s face, and he fled.

Sarah Portlock

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