Broad daylight shooting!

Broad daylight!

Cops arrested a man after he shot an unsuspecting mugging victim twice during the day on Dec. 11.

The victim told cops that he was on Schermerhorn Street near Court Street at 2:30 pm when a 22-year-old gunman approached and asked him to hand over his bag. When the victim refused, the mugger pulled out a handgun and fired twice.

A cop source said two undercover detectives were conveniently standing nearby and watched the scene unfold. They called for backup, and held the shooter.

The victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

’Tis the season

Perps mugged at least three unsuspecting pedestrians last week, and a cop source said the increase in numbers is likely related to the impending holidays and crashing economy. Here’s a round-up:

• Cops arrested one of three perps who surrounded a boy on Dec. 8 as he was walking on Joralemon Street. One perp asked the victim what time it was, just as his accomplice grabbed the boy’s iPod from his hands. Cops were able to catch up to one, but not the one who had the iPod itself.

• A perp pulled a knife on a victim on Dec. 8 near the intersection of Red Cross Place and Cadman Plaza East. The 28-year-old Prospect Heights man told cops he was on his way to catch the A train at High Street at 7:30 am when he suddenly heard the mugger say, “Give me your money.”

The victim refused, and the perp fled without taking anything.

• A teenage victim walking near the northeast corner of Flatbush Avenue and Nevins Street wasn’t so lucky. Three perps surrounded him at 10:30 am as he was walking with his head down. One thug grabbed the teen’s wallet and $75 while a second whipped out a box cutter and slashed the victim’s face.

Brooklyn heist

A carjacker stole a man’s vehicle from Remsen Street on Dec. 12. The victim said he parked the car at 12:40 am near Clinton Street, but when he came back at 8 am, the car was gone.


A perp stole a woman’s purse from a popular Montague Street café on Dec. 7.

Just before 1 pm, the woman went into the eatery, which is between Hicks and Henry streets, and put her bag down at a table while she went to get food. But when she came back, the bag — with her credit cards and cellphone — was gone.

Breaking, entering

A burglar broke into a Jay Street business and made off with $9,000 overnight on Dec. 11.

When employees got to the store, which is near Willoughby Street, the next morning at 6 am, they found two gaping holes in the wall and two holes in the roof where the perp broke in. All that was missing was the moolah.

Bait and loot

A man stole $2,290 from a Smith Street bank on Dec. 11, and cops say he is still on the prowl.

The perp walked into the bank, which is at Wyckoff Street, at 10:40 am and pretended to fill out a withdrawal slip. When he passed it to the teller, the note read, “I have a gun, so don’t give bait.” He then smiled sweetly, and said, “Sweetie, can I have that in 20s and 50s?”

Cops said the man walked out with a wad of cash.

— Sarah Portlock