Broken bottles at topless bar

90th Precinct


Bottle service

Police arrested a man accused of going berserk inside a Grand Street strip club on June 27.

Problems started inside the topless bar Pumps at around 4 am when the perp began hurling bottles, according to documents from the District Attorney’s Office.

The suspect then threatened a bar employee, exited the nudie club, which is near the corner of Metropolitan Avenue, and returned with a tire iron, investigators say.

The crook then tried to punch the bar worker, and hurled the tire iron at him, a witness said.

“This area is safe,” the liar told the victim, but then picked him up, threw him to the ground, and took his iPhone before running off, police reported.

Sneaker sneak

A woman attempted to steal Nikes from a Varet Street sportswear store on June 25 — then punched an employee who tried to stop her, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

A security guard at the clothing store VIM, between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street, said he saw the perp put a pair of Air Max shoes under her jacket and make her way for the exit at around 3 pm.

When the worker called her out, the would-be thief punched him in the face, breaking his eyeglasses and leaving him with a laceration to the eye, a cut to the lip, and a loose bottom tooth.

The victim was treated at a nearby hospital and investigators say they found the suspect carrying the stolen shoes.

Stabber snagged

Officers say they arrested an assailant who stabbed another man in the torso on June 24.

The suspect cut the victim at around 7:38 pm on Havemeyer Street between S. Fourth and S. Fifth streets, according to documents provided by the District Attorney’s Office.

He was charged with assault, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment.

Home invasion

A bat- and knife-wielding thug burst into a Wythe Avenue apartment on June 23 and demanded cash, investigators say.

The terrifying incident occurred just after midnight, when the assailant barged into the bedroom of a residence between Division Avenue and Clymer Street.

“Give me money or I’ll kill you,” the perp said, according to witnesses.

Officers managed to apprehend a suspect and no one was injured.

— Ben Muessig