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Brooklyn, Baby! Kids across America named for boro

The Brooklyn Paper / Sam Ferri

Brooklyn is not only a popular place to live — it was also the 43rd most-popular name last year.

Just three years ago, the name “Brooklyn” wasn’t even in the top 100, according to the newborn gurus at BabyCenter.com, a Web site for new parents.

But in 2005, “Brooklyn” entered the charts at 62 — with a bullet. By 2006, it had jumped to 54th.

Now, at 43rd, it’s ahead of such once-beloved monikers as Katherine (46), Julia (55) and Abby (62)

Brooklyn even topped Rachel (66), Leah (85) and Rebecca (86) — so much for the Bible!

And it’s not just the 300,000 users of BabyCenter.com who have made “Brooklyn” a star. The Social Security Administration, which tracks all baby names, reports that “Brooklyn” first entered the nation’s top-1,000 in 1992 at number 552. By 2000, it was at 177, and by 2006, it had risen to 67.

It’s safe to ask what the freak is going on. Could it be that David Beckham and Posh Spice — who named their son Brooklyn in 1999 — are so influential? Or has Borough President Markowitz’s 24/7 cheerleading finally reached the heartland of America?

“It is true that when celebrities use a unique name, other people tend to follow,” said Nissa Anklesaria of BabyCenter.com. “But parents are also always looking for something unique, but not so unique that it’s difficult to pronounce or understand.”

That largely summarizes Cheri Tracy’s reasons for naming her daughter “Brooklyn” in 2004.

“From the moment I heard it, I loved it — which was not the case with the other 50 or so names my husband and I discussed,” said Tracy, who lives in Northfield, Illinois.

“We both love New York, and the name seemed very feminine, yet unique and a bit edgy without sounding trendy.”

Tracy said she’s hoped the name wouldn’t become too popular, but was not surprised it was climbing the charts.

“But I don’t think it will ever become a top-10 favorite because when people hear her name, they either love it or hate it. There isn’t much in-between.

“I do hope the popularity has nothing to do with the Beckhams,” she added. “People embrace New York no matter where they reside.”

She’s right, but only to a point: “Brooklyn” is the sole borough to make the top-1,000 baby names list.

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