Brooklyn Brewery expansion means one thing: more beer!

Brooklyn Brewery expansion means one thing: more beer!
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Brooklyn Brewery has finally reached the tipping point.

This week, the borough’s hottest beer purveyor expanded its Williamsburg complex, unveiling new brew equipment that will double its distribution — meaning that most of the golden elixer will be produced here instead of upstate.

“In the past year we’ve distributed about 110,000 barrels — with the new brewery we expect to double that in the next three years,” said Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy. “All the growth will be right here in Brooklyn.”

The new space, which is next door to Hindy’s existing complex on N. 11th Street, will not only make the brewery 14 times larger, it’ll host an entirely new system that makes the brewing process smoother and the beer tastier.

Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver shows off his new brew kettle in Williamsburg. Didn’t think your Brooklyn Pilsner could get any better? Well, it just did. Deal with it.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

To mark the occasion, brewmaster Garrett Oliver is making a new craft ale fittingly named Main Engine Start that will be available on draught for only a short time. That said, the new brew kettle and equipment will allow for a new experimental product every three to four months.

Better yet, some of the draught-only seasonal ales that Oliver and Hindy have produced in small batches will start making their way to the bottle.
“Those beers used to be produced for places that specialize in craft beer,” Hindy said. “What we’ve found is that more and more places want them.”

And now he can give it to them.

Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy (right) and brewmaster Garrett Oliver.
Brooklyn Papers / Tom Callan