Brooklyn cop arrested for third time after violating restraining order

Close up of metal handcuffs
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A Brooklyn cop with a history of arrests was apprehended again early Wednesday morning for violating a restraining order by calling his ex-girlfriend, a police spokesperson told Brooklyn Paper. 

Nicholas Nelson, 35, was arrested for the third time in four years on May 19. He was first charged with drunk driving when he smashed into a guardrail near the Staten Island and West Shore expressways in August 2018, and later with assault for a domestic incident in March 2019, according to SILive.com.

Nelson, an NYPD officer last known to serve East Flatbush and Remsen Village’s 67th Precinct, was arrested at 1:30 am Wednesday morning in Bay Ridge’s 68th Precinct while off-duty, and is facing charges of criminal contempt. The police spokesperson did not have details on what precinct Nelson currently serves.

It is not yet clear what repercussions Nelson will face within the Department for the new arrest, but he was hit with 30-day suspensions for each of the two priors, SILive previously reported.

His 2019 charges included misdemeanor assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and harassment, according to the news outlet, after reportedly causing minor injuries to a man and woman in Staten Island’s 120th Precinct. 

As for his 2018 drunk driving charges, the Daily News reported that the off-duty cop crashed on his way home from a “smoker,” which the outlet described as an NYPD-sponsored boxing match where members of the force with ongoing issues with one another take their problems to the ring.

New York State’s public criminal court database shows an additional arrest for Nelson on May 15, but does not provide information on the specific charges. According to the log, Nelson is scheduled to appear before Kings Criminal Court on Sept. 13 in a case prosecuted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. Their press office did not respond to a request for comment. 

Nelson’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.