Following drunk driving incident, Brooklyn Heights Promenade gets protective barriers

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
The Remsen Street entrance of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is now protected by rock barriers.
Photo by Susan De Vries

Park stewards have installed new strategically placed boulders at several entrances to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which will prevent cars from speeding onto the walkway and endangering pedestrians. 

The installation comes less than two weeks after 33-year-old Eric James drove his car onto the walkway while allegedly driving drunk on Dec. 2, before speeding southbound down the waterfront pathway.

Some guy was going 40 down the promenade (a fairly populated pedestrian walkway in NYC) from PublicFreakout

Cops quickly arrived on the scene to find James behind the wheel of his blue Toyota, and arrested the suspect on a slew of charges — including drunk driving, reckless endangerment, and driving with an open container of alcohol, according to police. 

Authorities say that no one was injured during the stunt. 

Now, the protective barriers will aim to stop cars from entering the walkway all together, as vehicles will be unable to overcome the rough rocks that now live outside the promenade’s entrances.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

This story first appeared on Brownstoner.com.