Brooklyn Power List honors Brooklyn’s movers and shakers

2023 brooklyn power list
The 2023 Brooklyn Power Listers.
Photo by Corazon Aguirre

Brooklyn’s unsung heroes from the nonprofit and business world were honored at Schneps Media’s Brooklyn Power List event at El Caribe Country Club Caterers in Mill Basin on Dec. 5, 2023, for their commitment and work in the Brooklyn community. 

The event was hosted by Schneps Media, publishers of amNY Metro, Brooklyn Paper, Bay News, Brooklyn Graphic, Park Slope Courier, Bay Ridge Courier, Caribbean Life, and El Correo.

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso said the event was a great opportunity to recognize Brooklynites. 

“If you look at everyone, you’re seeing it’s not the traditional suspects in Brooklyn that always get the awards, that always get the pats on the back,” Reynoso pointed out. “It’s people that you might have never met in your life, might have never seen that are making significant contributions to Brooklyn.” 

The networking event also included a raffle. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Ember Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation, and Transformation in Stuyvesant Heights.

Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin, chief advisor to  Mayor Eric Adams, was humbled to be part of “such an illustrious group.”

When Lewis-Martin learned of the nomination, she said, “Vicki did it again.” 

“She just always remembers who are the people that really make things happen in the city on every level, and she always ensures that we’re acknowledged in some way, somehow,” Lewis-Martin said.  

Sheryl Demosthenes-Atkinson, CEO of CABS Health Network, was “ecstatic” about being honored. 

“I am touched, and this is definitely very meaningful for what we do as home care and to be recognized,” Demosthenes-Atkinson said. “It’s really something that will be memorable for me and also for our organization.”

Imran H. Ansari, Esq., partner and head of the civil law division of Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C., and former prosecutor with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, said he was humbled and thankful when he heard that he was going to be included in the Brooklyn Power List. 

“[Schneps Media] always targets the people to honor who are doing great things for Brooklyn,” Ansari said. “I was excited because I knew that I would be here in Brooklyn with a lot of fellow honorees who are doing great things and having a real impact on the borough.”

Kenesha Bartley, vice president of Service Operations at MetroPlusHealth, was overjoyed to be honored and said  the accolades were “definitely an accomplishment.”

“After everyone introduced themselves, I just felt like I was in a room with giants,” Bartley said. “You know, there’s so many different people doing so many different things and great things for New York and the borough of Brooklyn.”

David Aguado, COO of America Works of New York, Inc., said he was “taken aback” when he learned he was one of the honorees. 

“I felt like I didn’t really deserve it,” Aguado said. “It’s really my staff that does all the excellent work that I’m now getting some recognition for. So, I really owe it all to the staff and to the owners of the company.”

Monika Nowicka, branch manager at Apple Bank in Greenpoint, shared she was “shocked” when she learned of the honors because she has only been a branch manager for a year. 

“There are so many different people, and they all have a great background. [It] is just amazing how Brooklyn is,” Nowicka said of her fellow honorees. 

Monica Holowacz, Director of Community Relations, Broadway Stages, was “thrilled” to be around so many honorees impacting Brooklyn. 

“I think it’s really amazing, and I hope that next year, it gets bigger and better and more people, you know, take the first step forward to try to make Brooklyn a better place,”  Holowacz said. 

Anthonie Marshall, AVP and branch manager at Ridgewood Savings Bank in Clinton Hill said her boss nominated her for the power list. 

“She said, ‘Because you do good things, and I wanted to put your name down,'” Marshall shared. “I am so grateful, so appreciative that I’m here.”

Richard Dodson, Senior Vice President and Regional Director at Dime Community Bank, recalled the bank’s founding in 1864. Dime’s founder wanted to make banking accessible to the general public, including the immigrant community in Williamsburg — so residents needed just a dime to open an account. Now, Dime strives to be the premier business and commercial bank for communities from the Bronx to Montauk.

“Anytime you’re recognized by peers, or people within the organization, or within the industry that you’ve chosen, it’s always a wonderful experience,” Dodson said. “It’s a big honor. I’m excited about it.” 

Kendall Charter, the executive director at the YMCA in Greenpoint, said he was humble and appreciated the recognition for his work. He oversees programs citywide ranging from early childhood, after-school, and swimming in public schools to senior centers. 

 “I think those programs really create the community, bring them together community space, creating a place where people can just be normal,” Charter said. “Kids can be normal. They don’t have to worry about all the craziness that’s going on in the world.”

Melissa Gliatta, COO of Thor Equities, which is working to revitalize Coney Island with The Coney Casino & Resort, said Brooklyn has always been a special place for the company — and that Thor is committed to serving the community, creating jobs, and supporting new economic growth.

“It is a great honor to be recognized for an award like this alongside so many other great community leaders in the public and private sectors,” Gliatta said. “I look forward to working with our team and partners on truly innovative projects that lift up communities.”

Rondy McIntosh, consul general of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, commended Schneps Media for putting on an event recognizing “the heroes among us.”

“Because not so many times people are being recognized for the work that they do within our community,” McIntosh said. “[The honorees] are doing this not for recognition, but for their service to humanity. And I want to encourage them to continue to give, to continue to share, to continue to be a shining light in this world where there are so many negatives, and you actually bring life to this life that we’re living in.”

The honorees:

David Aguado, Chief Operating Officer, America Works of New York, Inc.

Edler Alcime, Director of Judicial Marketing, Cornerstone of Medical Arts Center

Henry Algarin, Program Director ATI/TASC, EAC Network

Imran H. Ansari, Esq., Partner, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, PC

Enrico Ascher, MD, FACS, Founder & Chairman, Vascular Institute of New York

Kenesha Bartley, Vice President, Service Operations, MetroPlusHealth

Kendall Charter, Executive Director, YMCA of Greater New York-Greenpoint

Gil Cygler, Vice Chair, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Board

Lori Davis, Founder, Lori Davis Consulting, Inc.

Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer, CABS Health Network

Richard Dodson, Senior Vice President & Regional Director, Dime Bank

Jonnel C. Doris, Chief Executive Officer, START Treatment and Recover Centers

Sandra J. DuPree, Ed.D, Executive Director, Hyde Leadership Charter School

Vigdis Eriksen, Founder & CEO, Erikson Translations Inc.

Andrea Esposito, CN-BA, Practice Director & Certified Breast Patient Navigator

Janeisha Farquharson, Insurance Advisor, New York Life Insurance Co. 

Howard Fensterman, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Abrams Fensterman LLP

Drew Gabriel, Vice President Intergovernmental Affairs, CAMBA

Melissa Gliatta, Chief Operating Officer, Thor Equities Group

Shakima Grant, MA, Community Programs Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Lindsay Greene, President & CEO, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Anil Hingorani, MD, Vascular Surgeon, Vascular Institute of New York

Monica Holowacz, Director of Community Relations, Broadway Stages

Debbie Hootam, Business Relationship Manager VP, Apple Bank

Brandon Hurst, Franchisee owner/operator, Chick-fil-A Brooklyn

Rafiq R. Kalal Id-Din II, Esq., Founder & Managing Partner, Ember Charter School for Mindful Education Innovation and Transformation

Adam Kalish, President, The Law Firm of Adam Kalish P.C.

Gregory Kirsopp, Founding Partner, Premier Strategies Inc.

Vincent LeVien, Director of External Affairs, DeSales Media Group

Chaplain Dr. Ingrid P. Lewis Martin, Chief Advisor, Office of the Mayor

Natalie Marks, MD, Vascular Surgeon, Vascular Institute of New York

Anthonie Marshall, AVP & Branch Manager, Clinton Hill

Dwana Marshall, Founder & CEO, Visions by Angel, the Brand LLC

Kamla Karina Millwood, President, Palatial Publishing LLC

Ian Minerve, Founder & CEO, Green Power Associates

Monika Nowicka, Branch Manager, Greenpoint, Apple Bank

Kaleigh Oleynik, Vice President, Talent, Talkspace

Randy Peers, President & CEO, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Alberto Pernicone, Owner, Highway Bagels

Dr. Patricia Ramsey, President, Medgar Evers College

Hon. Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn Borough President

Dr. Peggy Roberts, President, Trust Women’s Healthcare

Vivian Scalise, Vice President & Branch Manager, Bay Ridge Flushing Bank

Edward Scholeman, Chairman, Operation Warrior Shield

Saloni Sharma, Co-Managing Partner, Le Roi Capital

Vladimir Sterlin, MBA, Co-Managing Partner, Le Roi Capital

Nancy Suric, Vice President of Global Relocation, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 

Kelvin Taitt, Co-Founder & Executive Director, East Brooklyn Mutual Aid

Henry Thompson, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Center of Richmond Inc. 

Nakita Vanstory, Director of Recruitment and Outreach, The HOPE Program

Dolly Williams, Chief Executive Officer, A. Williams Construction

To learn more about the honorees visit BrooklynPowerList.com and for more information about upcoming Schneps Media Ultimate Networking Events, contact Demetra Mattone at [email protected]