Brooklynites celebrate Biden victory, Trump defeat in spontaneous fashion

Brooklynites celebrate Joe Biden’s victory in Columbia Street Waterfront District.
Photo by Kevin Duggan

Just after 11:30 am on Nov. 7, most of the major TV news networks and the Associated Press called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden — making him the projected president-elect of the United States over incumbent President Donald Trump.

Within moments across New York City, the party was on.

Champagne corks popped, music blared, car horns honked and people danced in the streets in celebration of Biden’s victory and Trump’s defeat, nearly four full days after the last polling closed in the presidential election.

The city hailed the election of Biden, who received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history, and California Senator Kamala Harris as his vice president-elect, the first woman ever to hold the office and first woman of color and Asian descent to serve in the executive.

Without question, revelers also heralded the defeat of Trump after four years of turbulence, chaos and policies many saw as harmful to the city and country. 

Hundreds gathered in Times Square and Washington Square Park in Manhattan to mark the occasion — the largest public parties in New York City in months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Spectators wore masks as they cheered, danced and sang in delight of the outcome.

Across the city, drivers honked their horns and pedestrians applauded. In Brooklyn, people danced to live music provided by a band along Columbia Street between DeGraw and Sackett Streets in the Columbia Street Waterfront District.

Gail Ressler said she felt “relieved” and “excited” by the outcome.

“I could hear the noise outside, so I came outside,” she said. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be — maybe Philadelphia.”

The jubilant crowd also cheered the arrival of a U.S. Postal Service worker — a particularly essential worker throughout the election process due to the delivery of mail-in ballots.

Brooklynite A Croom celebrates near the Barclays Center.Photo by Kevin Duggan

The festive mood continued near the Barclays Center, where people danced in celebration. A. Croom of Bedford-Stuyvesant proudly waved the American flag as she partied.

“[I feel] phenomenal, phenomenal,” Croom said. “My girlfriend told me about it while I was in the shower.” After hearing the news, she headed over to the Barclays Center, she said, “to support my community.”

Things were rocking at Grand Army Plaza and nearby Prospect Park. Hundreds turned out to celebrate Biden’s victory. 

Meanwhile, in Times Square, the crowd not only reveled in Biden’s victory but also continued the campaign for equal justice.

The party was on again in Washington Square Park in Manhattan, where hundreds celebrated just last night.

This is a developing story. Check back for continued coverage.

Additional reporting by Kevin Duggan and Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech