Bruiser beats buddy

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks

60th Precinct

Coney Island-Brighton Beach-Seagate

Bruiser beats buddy

A bruiser beat up an acquaintance and stole cash from him during an argument at a 25th Street apartment on March 21.

Police said the jerk was having a verbal dispute with a friend near Mermaid Avenue and escalated things when he kicked the friend, grabbed $200 in cash, and left the apartment, leaving the victim with bruises on her arms and legs.

Hammer attack

A jerk attacked choked a woman and attacked someone who tried to help her on W 29th Street on March 20.

The victim told police the perp attacked her near Mermaid Avenue, choking her. When her son tried to step in to help, the brute hit him on the head with a hammer, leaving him with a laceration on the scalp.

Side-swipe shooting

A woman was grazed by a bullet when someone fired shots on Surf Avenue on March 21.

Cops responded to a ShotSpotter alert near W 30th Street and found shell casings and bullet fragments on the scene before receiving a call from a local woman, who said she and her son had been on the scene when they heart shots fired and ran home. Once they had gotten to safety, the woman realized she had pain and an abrasion on her ribcage. Police confirmed that she had been hit by a bullet.

The victim, who was conscious and alert, was taken to Lutheran Hospital for treatment.

Snake swings chair

Some snake attacked a woman with a chair during an argument at a Brighton 3rd Street home on March 22.

Police said the two were having it out verbally near Brighton Beach Avenue when the lout picked up a chair and hit the victim with it, causing pain but no serious injuries.

Stranger stabs woman

A stranger attacked a woman in her W 23rd Street apartment building and stabbed her on March 23.

The victim told police when she walked into her building near Surf Avenue, a strange man wearing all black ran toward her, attacked her with a sharp object, stabbing her three times and slashing her arm, and ran out.

Emergency responders took the woman to Lutheran Hospital for treatment.

Straphanger takes a swing

A subway rider attacked a fellow passenger at the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station on March 23.

Police said the jerk allegedly started swinging at the end of the line, hitting the victim multiple times on the left side of his body, causing significant bruising.

The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital by ambulance for treatment.