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Bruiser punches senior inside 18th Ave. bodega

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


A baddie punched a senior in an 18th Avenue bodega on April 21.

The bruiser approached the man in the store between 81st and 82nd streets at 8 am, said police. The brute yelled “I will mess you up,” before punching the 65-year-old man in the jaw, according to a police report.

The villain sped off in an unknown direction, officials said.


A group of goons viciously stabbed and beat a man on McDonald Avenue on April 23.

The man told police he was between Avenue P and Quentin Road at 3 am when he got into an argument with one of the brutes. The altercation escalated when the brute punched him in the nose, then a group of nearby ruffians began hitting and stabbing him with an unknown object, according to a police report.

The man’s friends fought off the brutes and drove him to Coney Island Hospital for treatment, officials said.

Reach for the sky

Two punks robbed a guy at the intersection of First Avenue and W. Seventh Street on April 20.

The man told police that he was walking home when he was stopped by two ruffians who pressed an object against his back and demanded he put his hands up and freeze, officials said. One nogoodnik rummaged through his pocket and swiped his cellphone and wallet, which was packed with bank cards and cash, said police.

One of the weasels proceeded to whack the man over the head and fled down the block, according to a police report.


Thieves tossed a woman’s 83rd Street apartment on April 17.

The woman told police upon arriving at her home between Bay Parkway and 23rd Avenue at 3 pm, that she discovered the front door unlocked. When she went into her bedroom, the air conditioner had been kicked in from the fire escape and the room was ransacked.

It was unclear what was taken, officials said.

— Caroline Spivack

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