Brutal beating near Navy Yard

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Teenage wasteland

Cops say they have arrested a group of teens that terrorized the neighborhood in three separate incidents on July 19.

The renegade crew’s first stop was on Clifton Place between Grand Avenue and St. James Place at 8 am. Cops say that five teens punched a man and made off with his iPad.

Later that day, the treacherous team the threatened a 47-year-old man on St. James Place.

The victim told cops that the kids approached him between Greene and Gates avenues at 1:15 pm. They told him to hand over his money or else they would punch him in the face. The victim refused and said he’d call the cops, so the renegade kids ran off.

Fifteens minutes later, the perps beat up a 16-year-old kid near Gates Avenue and St. James Place on July 19.

The victim told cops that he was walking down the street at around 1:30 pm when a five-person crew approached him. They punched him but didn’t steal anything before they took off

But most of them didn’t get far, as cops arrested four of the kids, ages 13 through 15, that same afternoon. The fifth member of the crew may still be on the loose.


Three guys mugged a 15-year-old kid near Park and N. Portland avenues on July 18.

The youthful victim told cops that the trio approached him at around 9 am, snatched his $15 and fled.

Laptop lift

Someone sneaked into a Clinton Avenue apartment on July 18 to steal two laptops.

The victim told cops that she left her home, which is between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, at 11:30 am. She returned nine-and-a-half hours later to find her MacBook and her Netbook missing.

Text addict

A sticky-fingered perp snatched an iPhone from a woman who was texting at the corner of Clermont and Lafayette avenues on Jul 18.

The preoccupied victim told cops that she was sending messages at around 7 pm when the thief approached, grabbed her smartphone and fled.

Bad apple

Someone broke into an Adelphi Street apartment between July 15 and 19 to steal an Apple computer and $900.

The victim told cops that he was away from his home for four days, and returned to find his MacBook, hard drive and cash gone.

Wallet wallop

Three thugs mugged a guy near DeKalb Avenue and Ashland Place on July 20.

The victim told cops that he was walking to work at 4:40 am when the trio approached, and punched and kicked him before making off with his wallet.

Medical maniac

Someone broke into a car parked on Ashland Place and Willoughby Street on July 21 to steal a laptop, camera and three pieces of medical equipment.

The victim told cops that she left her 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt at 2:15 pm. She returned 10 minutes later to find her door lock broken. When she looked in her car, she saw that her electronics, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and nursing bag were gone.

Trial and error

Cops arrested a guy for trying to steal a cellphone near Hanson and Fort Greene places on July 21.

The victim told cops that the perp approached her at around 8:30 pm and tried to snatch her cell from her hand. But she fought him off and he fled. Cops collared a suspect that night.

Motorcycle heist

Someone swiped a BMW motorcycle from Hall Street on July 21.

The victim told cops that he parked his pricey bike between Park and Myrtle avenues at 6 am and returned five hours later to find it missing.

Tree of fight

A group of thugs hit a guy with a tree branch on S. Elliot Place and DeKalb Avenue before stealing his backpack on July 21.

The victim told cops that the crew approached him at 9:40 pm. They whacked him and made off with his bag, which contained sunglasses, a checkbook and a camera.

Platform perp

Cops arrested a guy for punching and robbing a woman on the Atlantic Terminal LIRR platform on July 23.

The victim told cops that she was beneath Flatbush and Atlantic avenues at around 2 pm when the perp approached her, and punched her in the face to knock loose a gold hoop earring. The perp picked up the bling and fled, but cops say they picked him up right away.

— Alex Rush

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