Brutal beating on Newel!

Knife attack

Three thugs were arrested for brutally beating and then slashing an 18-year-old man on Newel Street on Sept. 1.

The victim told cops that he was near Norman Avenue at about 9:30 pm when the three perps attacked at random, hitting him to the ground. One pulled out a knife and sliced up his wrists and forearms before the three fled — but cops later caught up with the jerks and collared them.

Hulk CASH!

A beast of a man smashed through a door frame at a Russell Street apartment and stole electronics and jewelry on Aug. 31.

The tenant said that she returned to the home, which is between Norman and Nassau avenues, at about 10:30 am to find that the front door was busted open. Inside, her home had been ransacked and two laptops, jewelry and an expensive handbag were missing.

Bike swipe

A cycling crook snagged a woman’s purse as she sat on a Bayard Street bench on Sept. 1.

The woman said that she was reading a book at the spot, which is near Union Avenue, at about 10 am when the mountain biker rode by and snatched the purse — which had cash, a phone and cards inside.

Obsolete swindle

An computer thief hacked into a Jackson Street home and stole two old computers on Sept. 2.

The victim realized that the pieces of junk were missing from the apartment, which is between Manhattan and Graham avenues, at about 9 am — though he told cops that he didn’t really care that they were gone. They were Windows XP machines, after all.

Passport punk

A heartless perp pretended to help an old woman but instead stole the money in her purse on Calyer Street on Sept. 3.

The 87-year-old woman told cops that she was near Manhattan Avenue when the man approached from behind, said, “You have something on your back” and then began wiping off the mystery substance.

He certainly left the victim clean — instead of wiping her back, he was actually picking her pocket of cash and a passport.

Snooze, lose

A quick-handed jerk took a man’s TV while he was sleeping in his Graham Avenue apartment on Sept. 5.

The tenant said that he woke up at about 3 am to find the 32-inch plasma TV missing from the apartment, which is between Engert Avenue and Newton Street. He told cops that he had accidentally left the front door unlocked.

Wheel report

• Some jerk stole a 2009 Honda motorcycle from Kent Avenue near N. 12th Street on Sept. 1. The victim realized it was missing at about 6 am.

• A thief took a Jeep Cherokee from N. Eighth Street on Sept. 1. The victim came back to the spot, which is near Union Avenue, at about 11 pm and realized that the Jeep was gone.