Brutal morning on the F train

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens

Cobble Hill–Red Hook

A gun-wielding perp mugged two F-train commuters in separate brutal incidents on May 7 at the Carroll Street station.

The first victim, 56, told cops that she had just gotten off the Coney Island-bound train at around 8:45 am at the President Street end of the station when a man grabbed her purse, pulled a gun on her and said, “Shut up or I’ll kill you.”

He got the purse, which contained $40 and a pair of glasses.

But he wasn’t done, yet.

About five minutes later, the same thug approached a second victim, pulling a gun and dragging her to the ground before saying, “Shut the f— up!”

This time, he got the 26-year-old woman’s iPod and Droid phone.

Student bodies

Thugs beat and mugged a fellow student at the Brooklyn Collaborative Studies middle school in a brutal, post-recess attack on Smith Street on May 5 — but all three thugs were arrested.

The 17-year-old victim told cops that he was near Third Street at around 2 pm when he was grabbed in a bear hug and beaten by thugs he recognized from his Henry Street school.

The trio dragged him and stole two cellphones and $40.

But the next day, a 15- and 16-year-old thief were captured at the school by Det. Armando Medina. The next day, Medina caught up with a third perp, age 17.

Soccer him

A quiet day at the Red Hook soccer fields turned ugly when a man used a belt to swing a metal bucket and brutalize a younger man on May 9.

Cops said that the attack, near the corner of Bay and Hicks streets, happened at around 3:40 pm, when the 33-year-old thug broke up a soccer game to strike his 21-year-old foe with the makeshift weapon.

Officer Ronald Pereira saw the whole thing go down and quickly made the collar.

Rock and rolled

A would-be car thief was nabbed by cops after breaking into a car on Bond Street on May 5.

Officer Oscar Morales said he watched the 37-year-old thug smash a rock through the car window on the block between First and Second streets at around 1 pm, and moved in quickly.

When arrested, the perp had some credit cards on him that had been reported stolen months earlier.

Old gold

A thief sneaked into the St. Mary’s Star of the Sea senior citizen apartments on First Street on May 9 — and stole $3,000 from a resident.

Cops said that the thief entered the building, which is between Hoyt and Bond streets, at around 7:20 am and said he was visiting someone in the building.

He got upstairs and entered an unlocked apartment, but fled when the resident screamed. At some point, however, he re-entered and swiped the cash from the 85-year-old victim.

IKEA bad idea

Yet another shopper has been ripped off when taking a Swedish meatball break at the IKEA superstore on Beard Street.

In the latest incident at around 1:45 pm on May 6, a 26-year-old shopper told cops that she left her purse on her chair for just a few minutes while she threw out the garbage from her lunch in the store’s otherwise delightful cafeteria.

The thief got $50 and a $200 gift card.

— Gersh Kuntzman

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