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Brutal rape

Brutal rape

Two masked thugs raped an 18-year-old jogger on June 21 — and one made a comment suggesting that the attack was some sick form of revenge.

The perps — who wore ski masks during the attack — got out of a black Lincoln Town Car and grabbed the victim as she ran past the corner of Meserole Avenue and Humboldt Street at around 2 am.

The brutes groped the victim and one held her against her will while the other raped her.

“We finally got his b—h,” one of the crooks stated, the victim said.

After the attack, the perps drove off, and the victim was treated at Woodhull Hospital.

Attempted bag grab

Two women doused a 28-year-old woman with pepper spray in a botched mugging on June 17.

The crooks sneaked up on the victim as she walked on N. Fifth Street near Roebling Street at around 2:40 am.

“Give me your bag, b–h!” one of the would-be thieves shouted.

One of the perps punched the victim in the face while the other sprayed her with the eye irritant — but the victim wouldn’t hand over her purse.

The thieves ran away empty-handed and fled in a white SUV.

Horrifying hold-up

A pair of perps armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a deli knife robbed a Driggs Avenue bodega on June 17.

The thugs — who wore hoods over their heads, handkerchiefs over their faces, and blue gloves on their hands — burst into Angel Market Food at the corner of Monitor Street at around 10:20 pm and pulled out the heater and the culinary blade.

“B–h, give me the money,” one of the crooks demanded before throwing an employee to the ground and kicking her.

One of the thieves climbed over the counter and grabbed $950 while the other acted as a lookout, police reports indicated.


A tree-cherous thug struck a Greenpoint man with a tree branch in a baffling June 17 assault.

The woman perp clubbed the victim with the stick on the stomach on Eagle Street at around 10:15 am, “causing [him] pain and bruising and abrasion,” according to the police report.

After the bizarre attack, the suspect fled from the crime, which is between Franklin and West streets.

Manhattan burgs

Burglars heisted jewelry and electronics from a Manhattan Avenue apartment and graffiti supplies from an art store on June 16.

In the first crime, the crooks got into Artists and Craftsmen Supply through an unlocked rear door between 12:30 am and 9:15 am and heisted spray paint, markers, and $200 from the shop, which is between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street.

Later, a thief or thieves tampered with a lock to get into the residence at the corner of Newell Street between 7:50 pm and 11 pm.

Once inside, the crooks snatched watches, jewelry, computers, a high-definition TV, an XBox, and a camera.

While he was sleeping

A thief cleaned out a Manhattan Avenue apartment on June 20 — while the 32-year-old victim dozed.

The quiet crook climbed through a first floor screen window between 2:30 am and 8:30 am to get into the residence, which is at the corner of Conselyea Street.

Once inside, the crook grabbed the victim’s Apple laptop, iPod, cellphone and credit cards.

Biker bilks

A vicious cyclist snatched a 19-year-old cellphone on June 17.

The bike-riding bad guy snatched the phone from the victim’s hand near the corner of Debevoise and Skillman avenues at around 1:45 am.

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