Brutal slash on Fulton Mall


A knife-wielding hooligan slashed up a worker at Feel Beauty Supply on Fulton Street on Jan. 21 — all so his thieving wife could steal a pack of fake eyelashes.

The employee told cops that he watched the woman pocket the eyelashes inside the store, which is near Smith Street, at about 3:10 pm. He confronted her, but her hubby was in tow and snarled back, “If you touch my wife I will cut you.” That’s when the perp pulled out a long razor and slashed the worker in the arm before the two fled.


A quick-handed punk bumped a woman on Court Street and stole her purse on Jan. 17.

The woman said that she was near Schermerhorn Street at about 5:30 pm when she felt the bump — and before she knew what happened, her purse and $400 were in the perp’s hands.


A gun-toting ruffian attacked and robbed a man near the Hoyt–Schermerhorn street train station on Jan. 20.

The victim told cops that he was listening to his iPod at about 4 pm when the thug came up behind him and put him in a chokehold. The perp threw him to the ground, held a gun to his head and snatched the iPod before fleeing.

iPhone snatch

A thug swiped a woman’s iPhone out of her hands as she boarded a 4 train at Joralemon and Court streets on Jan. 20.

The woman said that the doors were closing on the train at about 10 pm when the thief struck.

Bad injury

A heartless burglar stole a man’s wallet from his Montague Street home on Jan. 21 — while the victim was being treated for “muscle weakness” at Long Island College Hospital.

The victim told cops that he arrived home, which is between Montague Terrace and Hicks Street, at about 4 am after a long night at the hospital to discover that a bag that had been under his bed was gone.

Cell giveaway

A thief took advantage of a kind soul by asking to use a woman’s Blackberry then taking the fancy device on Court Street on Jan. 21.

The victim told cops that she was near Livingston Street at about 7:45 pm when the cretin asked to use her phone. She was hesitant, but when he offered to give her $20 in collateral, she obliged without taking the money. Then the perp fled with her phone. Ouch.

— Andy Campbell

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