Brutal stabbing of teen on way to school

Teen stabbed

A teenage perp stabbed a 16-year-old boy in his stomach on Nov. 29 as he made his way to school.

The thug confronted his victim on Moore Street at 8 am and shouted, “So what now!” before stabbing him in the left side of his torso with a knife.

The slasher fled down Leonard Street, and the boy, bleeding from his stomach, went back home where his mother called the police.

Bridge robbery

Two perps mugged a man on the Williamsburg Bridge path on Nov. 29, stealing his cash and his iPhone.

The thugs approached their victim at the foot of the path on Broadway near Bedford Avenue at 6:40 pm, and one said, “Do you want to get shot?”

The other perp said, “Hand over your stuff,” and the victim obliged.

Wedding banned

A perp broke into a Manhattan Avenue apartment on Nov. 29 and stole a wedding ring.

The perp entered the apartment near Scholes Street at 5 pm, grabbed the band and shuffled down the stairs, where he encountered the victim.

“I’m sorry, the door was open,” the thug said as he ran out and fled towards Meserole Street.

Doctored Scholes

A perp broke into a Scholes Street building on Nov. 29 and stole electronics.

The tenants told cops that they left their apartment near Manhattan Avenue at 8:15 am, but when they returned at 7 pm, they found their computer, video game system, camera, and jewelry were missing.

Grand TV

A perp stole a television, computer and cash from a Grand Street apartment overnight on Nov 28.

The tenant said that he left his apartment near Humboldt Street at 9 pm, and returned at 6 pm the next day to find his stuff gone.

Macintosh picked

A perp stole two computers and a video camera from a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on Nov. 30.

The tenant left his apartment at 10 am and returned to the building near Humboldt Street to find his stuff was stolen.

Camera ready

A perp stole two cameras and $200 from a Humboldt Street apartment on Nov. 30.

The tenant left her apartment unlocked at noon, so when she returned to her building near Meserole Street, the stuff was missing.


A perp stole a laptop, a camera, and $300 from a Devoe Street apartment on Dec. 1.

The tenant left his apartment near Humboldt Street at 9 am, but when he returned at 7 pm, he found his stuff was gone.

Run pockets

Three teenage perps robbed a 12-year-old boy at Roebling and Hope Streets on Dec. 2.

The perps surrounded the boy at 2:36 pm, when one said, “Run your pockets.”

The thief pushed the tween to the ground and punched him in his face before taking $2 and running away.

Cherokee people

A perp stole a Jeep Cherokee from S. Sixth Street on Nov. 29.

The driver parked near Wythe Avenue at 11:45 am and returned at 1 pm to find the wheels gone.