Brutal thieves beat up woman for iPhone

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Brutal beating

A pair of lowlifes battered a Bay Ridge woman for her iPhone in the middle of the afternoon on June 30, according to police.

The victim said she was between 64th and 65th streets at 2:30 pm when the two perps came up to her, threw her to the ground and began savagely kicking her.

The two then took her $800 phone, but the lady bravely clung to her purse. The two creeps then fled toward Seventh Avenue.

Bag snagged

A jerk snatched a Bay Ridge woman’s purse on Fourth Avenue on June 27, according to cops.

The victim said she was near 78th Street at 4 am when the punk suddenly came up from behind her and yanked her bag away before fleeing.

Two dollars!

A knife-wielding crook held up a Dyker Heights man for two dollars and an iPhone on 62nd Street on June 30, cops say.

The victim reported that he was between 10th and 11th avenues at 12:45 am when the mugger approached him and flashed a knife, demanding he empty his pockets. The man surrendered $2 in cash and his $400 phone, and thug ordered him to turn and walk toward 10th Avenue. The victim complied, and the perp escaped in a white Nissan.


Police arrested a man who they accused of assaulting a Dyker Heights woman and taking her iPhone on Eighth Avenue on June 24.

Cops said that the victim was near 65th Street at 7:20 pm when the man snuck up on her from behind, grabbed her gadget and headphones, and pushed her to the ground.

Body slam

A punk threw a Bay Ridge woman to the ground and tore away her purse — with $120 in cash inside — on 76th Street early in the morning of July 1, cops report.

The lady said she was between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 2:45 am when the perp came up behind her, lifted her up, and then hurled her onto the pavement, badly cutting the woman’s elbow. The thug then snatched her purse and fled.

Snagged bag

A thug swiped a lady’s purse on 99th Street early in the morning of June 27, police report.

The victim told cops that she was near Fourth Avenue at 4 am when the perp pulled up alongside her in a black sedan and jumped out.

“F— you, b—-,” the jerk said, and ripped away her purse before getting back in the car and speeding down Fourth Avenue.

Bottled up

Cops arrested a 48-year-old Bay Ridge woman who they say assaulted another lady on 76th Street on June 28.

Police said the brassy broad busted a glass bottle over the victim’s head between Third and Fourth avenues at 10:30 am. The victim reportedly bled profusely, suffered substantial swelling, and became alarmed and annoyed.

Gold digger

Cops arrested a Bay Ridge woman who they charged with stealing a designer bag and more than $1,000 in her friend’s jewelry on May 12.

Authorities said that the woman took a Louis Vuitton handbag — containing a gold watch and diamond ring — from between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 9 pm and pawned the ring.

They say the woman accidentally left the purse and timepiece in a hair salon, whose owner returned the stolen goods to their rightful owner. The suspect told police the victim loaned her the bag and the ring on separate dates, and that she hocked the diamond band after forgetting where it came from.

— Will Bredderman

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