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Brute attacks and robs senior in her home

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Purse theft

A lout attacked and robbed a senior in her Ocean Avenue apartment on Dec. 10.

The thief entered the 74-year-old woman’s apartment near Avenue R at 10:45 pm via the service entrance, pushed her as he grabbed the bag, and took $70 from it before running off toward Quentin Road, according to a police report.

Authorities are looking into surveillance camera footage from the area, officials said.

Violent shoplifter

A no-goodnik stole a bunch of bottles of the meal replacement drink Ensure from a Sheepshead Bay chain store on Dec. 11 and hit a woman with a shopping cart in the process.

The man put four of the bottles into a shopping cart in the store near E. 14th Street at 9:05 am. Police say he began to leave the store with no intent of paying when a woman tried to stop him — and he struck her in the leg with the cart and left the store, heading towards Avenue Z.

Stealing candy

A lowlife punched a guy for an Oreo candy bar at an Avenue Y grocery store on Dec. 10.

Police say the thief swiped the sweet from the shop near E. 17th Street at 2:15 pm. The victim managed to pry it from the crook’s grasp, but the brute turned around and clocked the victim in the face, police allege.

The victim suffered a cut to the nose from the punch, and cuts to his elbow and knees after trying to wrestle the man to the ground, cops said. A search of the area was unsuccessful, according to a police report.

Soda can theft

A trespasser stole hundreds of empty soda cans and water bottles from a house on E. 28th Street on Dec. 15.

The man entered the house near Avenue U at 6:55 am through an unlocked gate and went into the storage shed, where he took 300 empty soda cans and 100 empty plasic water bottles, according to a police report.

When a woman at the house confronted him in the driveway, he dropped the items and walked away, officials say. Police are looking at cameras footage from the area. The cans and bottles are worth $20, according to the report.

Truck break-in

A quick crook broke into a truck parked on Avenue U on Dec. 16 and stole $5,000 to $6,000 from its lock box in just three minutes.

The victim parked his ride near E. 12th Street at 4:10 pm and locked it up. He came back only minutes later to find the passenger-side door broken into, the lock box damaged, and the cash missing.

Change box gone

A good-for-nothing stole the change box from a fast food restaurant on Knapp Street on Dec. 17 after it had been closed for the night.

Officials say the miscreant entered the empty restaurant near Avenue W at 12:50 am through the front doors and took the change box, which was worth $200. He then fled in an unknown direction.

— Adam Lucente

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