Brute attacks man outside strip club

90th Precinct


Clubbed at the club

A boor and his cronies beat a man outside of a Grand Street strip club mid-afternoon on July 31, breaking several of the victim’s bones.

The victim told police he was outside the joint near Metropolitan Avenue at 2:30 pm when he accidentally brushed shoulders with a man, and promptly apologized. But the hot-tempered lout responded to it with a punch to the face, the victim told police.

The victim was knocked to the ground and several men began kicking him, leaving him with several broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a broken ankle, police reported.

The victim walked home where his wife called 911, and emergency workers then brought him to Bellevue Hospital, according to a report.

Welcome to America!

A couple of crooks robbed a German tourist on Moore Street on Aug. 11.

The victim was on White Street around 11 am when one of the punks blocked his path and the other grabbed the man’s arms from behind, cops said.

One member of the dastardly duo told the German, “Don’t do nothing, what do you have?” while the other searched his pockets, taking his phone and some cash, before the paid fled, police said.

— Harry MacCormack