Brute punches man after threatening him with a knife

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Face time

A lout threatened a man with a knife and punched him in the face in a botched robbery attempt on Benson Avenue on Nov. 5.

The villain approached the man around 10:30 pm at Bay 16th Street, where he flashed a blade and told the man to “give me everything you have.”

When the man refused, the brute punched in the face twice before fleeing on foot, on Benson Avenue towards Bay 17th Street, and then towards Rutherford Place.

Steals on wheels

A punk stole a 2015 black Yamaha motorcycle from its 65th Street parking spot sometime overnight on Nov. 3.

The owner left his ride between 20th and 21st avenues at 10 pm on Nov. 3, and returned the next morning to find it missing, police said.

Sugar high

A thief stole 13 candy bars from an 86th Street store on Nov. 7 and punched and pushed an employee who tried to stop him.

The theft occurred at the store near Bay 40th Street around 8:20 am, and the scoundrel fled on foot towards Stillwell Avenue, police said.

Cash grab

A burglar broke into a 19th Avenue home and stole $1,000 on Nov. 7.

Police say the thief climbed in through a front window at the home between 66th and 67th streets around 1:40 pm.

What a tool

A thief stole $2,400 worth of power drills from a 19th Avenue home on Nov. 8.

The theft — at the home between 86th Street and Benson Avenue — occurred sometime before the contractor arrived at 5 pm, when he found the door unlocked, police said.

Petty cash

A trio of teenagers pushed a man to the ground and threatened to kill him before stealing $20 and his phone on Cropsey Avenue on Nov. 10.

The incident occurred at Bay 20th Street around noon, when the perps pushed the man to the ground and told him “give me your things or I will kill you,” according to the police report

The teens then grabbed the man’s goods and fled on foot in an unknown direction, police said.

Special delivery

A perp broke into a delivery man’s truck parked on 18th Avenue on Nov. 10 and stole $7,000.

The no-goodnik entered the truck parked between 85th and 86th streets through the unlocked passenger side door around 2:40 pm and stole a plastic bag with the cash inside, according to authorities. The baddie fled on foot down 18th Avenue towards Benson Avenue, police said.

Drank and drove

Four good-for-nothings stole a 12-pack of beer from a Cropsey Avenue store on Nov. 11, with one of the perps threatening to hit an employee with a bat and also shoot him.

Officers said the louts stole the brewskies from the store near 20th Avenue just after 4:15 pm, and got into a white Lexus parked outside. But when an employee followed the men to the car and asked them to pay up, one of the brutes threatened to hit him with the bat and claimed to have a gun that he would use to shoot him, according to the report.

The foursome then fled in the Lexus on 20th Avenue towards Shore Parkway, police said.

— Julianne McShane