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Brutes attack and rob hearing-impaired man

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Deaf blow

Cops are hunting the three goons who beat and robbed a hearing-impaired man on 62nd Street on Jan. 13.

The victim told police the crooks jumped him near Seventh Avenue at 9:30 pm, one of them grabbing him in a chokehold, while his buddies grabbed $190 from his pockets, before leaping into a waiting car and peeling off.

The victim’s hearing aid fell from his ear at some point during the assault, and he wasn’t able to recover it, cops said.

Lucky break

Gunmen robbed two women doped up on ketamine at a 58th Street gambling den on Jan. 14.

The victims told police they were both on the drug at the illegal house of chance near Seventh Avenue at 12:55 am, when the pair of gun-toting bandits burst into a back room demanding cash.

The crooks nabbed $280, along with an iPhone 7, a Galaxy Samsung 3, and a Canada Goose jacket, before hopping into a white car parked outside and speeding off, according to police

The victims, who police described as “highly uncooperative,” were unable to provide a good description of the robbers, cops said.

Mini crime

A burglar ransacked a Sixth Avenue mini mart on Jan. 21, taking pre-paid phone cards and the cash register.

The victim told police the crooks smashed a window leading into the market between 56th and 57th streets at 2:30 am, before nabbing their cash and valuables, and fleeing.

Nice kicks!

Three crooks nabbed shoes and a cellphone off a man inside a Fourth Avenue apartment building on Jan. 20.

The victim told police he went to meet one of the thieves inside the building between 63rd and 64th streets at 9:35 pm, when the scoundrel and his two buddies held him at knifepoint, before grabbing his stuff.

Run down

Cops arrested two men for allegedly beating and robbing a 31-year-old man on Sixth Avenue on Jan. 20.

The victim told police one of the suspects cold-cocked him on 53rd Street at 12:20 am, before grabbing his hat and headphones, and taking off down Sixth Avenue.

The man gave chase, following them into a nearby building and cornering them in an apartment, where police found and arrested them on a felony robbery charge.

— Colin Mixson

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