Brutes attack and rob man on Meeker Ave.

94th Precinct


Brutal attack

Three ruffians jumped a guy and robbed him on Meeker Avenue in the early morning hours of May 30, a police report said.

The victim told police he was near Leonard Street at around 4:55 am, trying to catch a cab home, when he noticed a white van with New York plates following him.

As he passed under an overpass, the goons jumped out of the vehicle and attacked him, police said. One jerk punched the victim in the face, giving him a bloody, bruised eye and a busted lip, while the others held him down and stole his wallet and phone, the report said. The guys ran back to the van, meeting up with a fourth lout who was driving, and sped off on Meeker Avenue, police said.

Embezzling employee

The chief executive officer of a N. Sixth Street company discovered an employee stealing from the business on May 20, according to a police report.

The company honcho was auditing the payroll at the establishment near Kent Avenue at 8 am when he realized the worker overpaid himself on three separate occasions, pilfering $8,000 in total, police said.

Cell snatching

A nogoodnik snatched a man’s phone out of his hand on Franklin Street on June 2, police said.

The victim told cops he was headed toward Freeman Street while speaking to his wife on the phone at around 9 pm, when the lout came up from behind and grabbed the cell from his hand, then ran off on Green Street toward Manhattan Avenue.

The victim was not injured and his phone did not have a tracking device on it, the report said.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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