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Brutes attack man with sticks and belts

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Black and blue belt

Five louts attacked a man on Sixth Avenue with sticks and belts on March 19, taking his phone during the assault.

The victim told police the brutes had been following and cursing at him when they attacked near 55th Street at 12:30 am, whipping him with their belt and beating them with sticks they grabbed off the street.

The man dropped his phone during the assault, and one of the crooks snagged it before all five men fled up 56th Street heading towards Seventh Avenue, cops said.

Tool time

A thief looted a 36th Street construction site on March 18, taking several pricey tools.

The victim told police the crook snuck into the worksite between Third and Fourth avenues by busting through a wooden fence sometime after 6:30 pm, before helping himself to a cache of power tools and then fleeing the same way he came in.

Carried off

Some crook drove off with a man’s 2008 Acadia he parked on Third Avenue on March 18.

The victim told police he left his carry-all near 45th Street at 7 pm, and returned the next morning to find his car stolen.

What were they smoking?

Cops arrested a 17-year-old boy and a 25-year-old man for allegedly beating a man inside a Fourth Avenue smoke shop on March 25.

The victim told police the suspects attacked him in the store between 59th and 60th streets at 3:30 am, punching him and whacking him with a soda bottle, and destroying a glass display case amid the assault.

Police arrested both suspects that day on felony assault charges, cops said.

Cash bag

Somebody nabbed a brown paper bag containing $1,500 from inside a Third Avenue wholesaler on March 24.

The victim told police she pulled out the cash bag at the register to pay for groceries at the store between 38th and 39th streets at 1:58 pm, but then decided to pay with her credit card and forgot the money at the counter.

The woman realized her mistakes about 15 minutes later, and rushed back to find her cash stolen.

Wet and wild

Police cuffed two men for allegedly beating a man outside a Third Avenue bar amid an attempted robbery on March 24.

The victim told police the suspects jumped him as he left the watering hole near 44th Street at 4:20 am, punching and kicking him in the body, before rifling through his pockets in a failed attempt to grab his stuff.

Cops found the suspects drunk when they arrested them that day on felony attempted robbery charges, according to police.

— Colin Mixson

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