Brutes beat and rob guy near his home

94th Precinct


Beat down

A pair of punks beat up a guy near his home on Freeman Street on Oct. 8, and then pilfered his pockets before fleeing the scene.

The guy told cops he was between Manhattan Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard around 8 pm when the bandits jumped out of a white German luxury car and proceeded to beat him up, cops said.

The perps then reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone, camera, and glasses before scampering off, authorities said.

Cops said the victim did not want to report the facts on the day of the assault, but filed a report the next day and also went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, which were visible on his face. The victim told cops his landlord might know the attackers, according to a police report.

You snooze, you lose

A scamp yanked a guy’s wallet out of his pocket while he napped on the Northside Piers in the early morning hours of Oct. 9.

The victim said he fell asleep between N. Third and N. Fourth streets and was awoken around 2:30 am by a guy reaching into his rear pocket and pulling his wallet, then stating “You can’t sleep here” before hoofing it, authorities said.

Vacation crasher

Someone robbed a woman’s N. Seventh Street apartment while she was carousing at Disney World between Oct. 1 and 5.

The victim left her apartment between Bedford and Driggs avenues at 8:30 am on Oct. 1, then came back from her Florida vacation around 11 pm on Oct. 5 to find the chain on her front door latched from inside the apartment, authorities said.

She managed to get inside and noticed the thief had snatched her laptop and camera, cops said.

The victim told police she did not leave anyone to look after the apartment, but that she gave a copy of her keys to a friend.

Off the market

Some scalawags broke into a N. Sixth Street real estate office and nabbed some computers and a camera from two employees between sometime overnight on Oct. 6.

The realtors left the business near Kent Avenue around 9 pm on Oct. 6 and came to open the next day at 8 am to find the front door ajar and the lock broken, cops said.

The victims looked in their separate offices and saw the perp had gone into their desks and snatched their laptops and a camera, authorities said. The victims had left their office doors unlocked, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs