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Brutes beat up teen and grab his phone

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Street attack

Some goons attacked a teen and stole his phone on Lafayette Avenue on Dec. 18, police said.

The 18-year-old victim was walking home from school with his friends between Ashland Place and St. Felix Street at about 5:15 pm when the snakes started chasing him, police said.

Once the brutes caught up to him, they punched and kicked him, before grabbing the teen’s iPhone 7 and green case and fled, officials said.

Bodega brute

A gun-toting savage shot a guy in the foot and stole a bunch of cash from the register of a Fulton Street grocery on Dec. 19, police said.

The 21-year-old bodega employee told police the black mask-wearing tough entered the store near St. Felix Street at about 12:35 pm, brandished a silver handgun, and then hopped behind the counter. The ruffian forced the victim in the corner and demanded money from the cash register, police said, and then fired his gun twice, striking the employee’s right foot once, officials said.

The shooter took more money from the register and fled, according to authorities. A nearby doctor helped the victim until paramedics arrived and transported him to Methodist Hospital, police said.

Two against one

A pair of villains threatened a teen and stole his phone and backpack inside a park near Willoughby Avenue on Dec. 21, police said.

The 13-year-old victim was near Emerson Place at about 2:30 pm when one of the goons asked him what time it was while the other displayed a black and silver firearm, according to authorities. The pair of baddies demanded the teen’s phone, and one of them threatened him by pressing the gun to his chest, officials said.

The nogoodniks ran off with the teen’s iPhone 7, Samsung phone, and backpack, according to authorities.

Subway savage

A punk tried to swipe a woman’s purse inside a subway station near Fulton Street as she was with her two children on Dec. 24, police said.

The victim told police she had entered the station near Washington Avenue at about 11:40 am with her two kids when a malefactor waiting outside the turnstiles tried to grab her purse.

The woman fought back, causing the purse strap to break, and the jerk let go and then fled, according to authorities.

Bathroom bandit

Some crook broke into a woman’s Gates Avenue apartment and stole her jewelry and laptop on Dec. 21, police said.

The woman told police she left for work at about 9 am, and when she returned back to her apartment near St. James Place at about 5:15 pm, realized her stuff was missing, the bathroom window was unlocked, and the bathroom rug was moved.

The intruder swiped the woman’s Apple laptop, Frost earrings, Turkish gold earrings, diamond studs, and Tiffany necklace, officials said, and the woman’s neighbor told authorities she saw a man carrying a bag leaving the apartment at about 5:15 pm, according to authorities.

Car shopping

Some jerk stole a guy’s electronics and credit cards from his car parked on Fulton Street on Dec. 19, police said.

The victim told police he had parked his car near Carlton Avenue at about 7:30 am to go to work, and when he returned at 11 am, saw his car was unlocked and some nogoodnik had taken his Dell laptop, global positioning system, two credit cards, and a backpack worth, according to authorities.

— Julianne Cuba

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