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Brutes rob bodega and two passersby at gunpoint

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
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Bodega stick-up

Two brutes robbed a McDonald Avenue bodega at gunpoint on Feb. 19, stealing cash, condoms, and more, before then robbing two other people.

One of the victims told police two men entered the store near Avenue U around 4 am, and one of them walked up to the counter while pointing a black and silver gun at the cashier. The second man then used Zip Ties to tie up the two employees in the store, according to the police report. The gunman proceeded to empty the cash register, and also took cigarettes, Advil, and condoms, putting them in a black bookbag, police reported.

At that point, someome knocked on the front door of the store, so the gunman dragged them into the store and took their cellphone and wallet while pointing the gun at them, the police report stated. The two thieves next robbed a woman outside the store by pushing her up against the the building and demanding her cellphone and money, according to the victim.

The victim said the men then tried to get on a bus, but ultimately split up, with the gunman fleeing on Avenue U towards Lake Street and the other on McDonald Avenue towards Village Road North.

Police said nobody was hurt during the ordeal, and said they did not find the thieves, but will look into the footage from a camera near the store.

The gunman was wearing gray pants, a black hoodie, and a black bandana at the time, according to the victim. The second thief was wearing a black jacket, black pants, and a black bandana, police said. Both men were around 20-years-old and approximately 5-foot-9, according to police.

Cash grab

A good-for-nothing broke into a woman’s house on Bedford Avenue on Feb. 18 and stole her cash.

The 52-year-old victim said she left her home near Avenue U at noon, but when she returned at 7 pm, found that someone had broken into the house through her bedroom window. The thief took around $600.

Accounted for a break-in?

A no-goodnik burglarized a Kings Highway accounting office on Feb. 18.

The victim said someone entered the office near E. 19th Street after 10 pm and took $5,271, a laptop, and iPhones.

Police said there are cameras near the scene of the incident.

— Adam Lucente

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