Brutes savagely attack and rob grocery store owners

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Heavy-handed heist

A pair of thugs brutally assaulted the owners of a Sunset Park grocery store on 63rd Street and robbed them of $300,000 in cash on July 14, police report.

Surveillance tapes show the owners — a man and a woman — exiting the Fei Long Market near Eighth Avenue at 8 pm and the two brutes approaching them. The goons repeatedly punched the couple in the back of the heads and hurled them to the ground. The crooks then swiped the cash and fled.

Police say a witness spotted the tag team jumping into a BMW at the corner of Ninth Avenue and 64th Street.

Handbag grabbed

A crook yanked a woman’s totebag right off of her shoulder on Fourth Avenue in the early morning of July 14.

The victim reported that she was near 73rd Street at 3:30 am when the creep came up, tore away her bag, and fled toward Fifth Avenue.

Safe saved

A would-be safe cracker broke into a Dyker Heights woman’s 81st Street apartment and made off with $1,000 in cash on July 14 — while leaving the victim’s most precious valuables securely locked away.

The victim said that she left her home between 13th and 14th avenues at 3 pm, and returned at 1 am the next day to see that the window to her pad had been jimmied open. Inside, she found her safe moved from her bedroom to her kitchen, where the thief apparently tried, and failed, to open it with a knife.

The bandit apparently satisfied himself with taking the grand in currency not locked away.

Grand theft Apple

A jerk busted out the window of a car sitting in the Bay Ridge Municipal Garage on Fifth Avenue and took the owner’s $2,000 MacBook on July 14.

The victim told police he parked his car in the lot near 86th Street at 3:45 pm on Saturday, and came back at 7:30 pm to find his passenger-side window shattered and his pricey computer gone.

Homing phone

A villain swiped a Dyker Heights woman’s iPhone while she was shopping at Century 21 on 86th Street on July 15 — but luckily, she has an app to locate the gadget.

The victim reported that she was at the store between Fourth and Fifth avenues with her child at noon, and went home — only to realize that her phone was missing. Fortunately, she’d been smart enough to download the FindMyiPhone application in advance, and police are tracking the device’s location.

Yard sale

A thief grabbed a Dyker Heights woman’s pocketbook right off of a bench on her front lawn on 13th Avenue on July 15, the victim told police.

The woman said she left her purse on the seat at 12:30 pm and went inside her house between 67th and 68th streets. She came out just 15 minutes later to see a dastardly passerby had lifted her bag.

— Will Bredderman

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