Build it bigger, build it stronger

Park Slope

Build it bigger, stronger

It’s the latest, greatest invention since the remote control and New York Methodist, the leader in advanced medical care, has it. It’s the brand new da Vinci robot. The da Vinci provides a minimally invasive, effective and safe way to treat many disorders of the lung, including tumors. The “hands” on the da Vinci robot pivot via makeshift wrists, and provide seven degrees of freedom, giving a greater range of motion than even a human wrist. According to Dr. Richard Lazzaro, chief of thoracic surgery, “ninety-six percent of pulmonary lobectomy procedures are still performed through open incisions. Recent studies show that lung cancer patients treated with MITS have a better chance at long-term survival than patients who have undergone open surgery.” Dr. Lazzaro told Standing O, “New York Methodist is part of an elite group of hospitals that offer minimally invasive thoracic surgery.”

New York Methodist Hospital [506 Sixth St. between Seventh and Eighth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 780-3000].

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