Bum rush: New Downtown dispensary to offer medical cannabis suppositories

Bum rush: New Downtown dispensary to offer medical cannabis suppositories
Columbia Care

They’re taking it Downtown!

A new medical cannabis dispensary will offer medical weed suppositories when it opens its doors Downtown on April 20.

Columbia Care is the second medical cannabis provider to set up shop in the borough and will sell an array of pot-derived products from its Court Street location, including vapor oil, tablets, tinctures, lotions, and suppositories to people with a state-approved medical marijuana card.

One satisfied customer reported that life has never been better since he started putting the reefer up his rear end, according to one spokesman for the company.

“We had one testimonial from a gentleman who had severe IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] and essentially nothing worked for him and this format transformed his life,” said Chief Marketing Officer Bryant Ison.

The dispensary between Joralemon and Remsen streets also distinguishes itself from the borough’s first, Citiva — which set up shop across from Barclays Center in January — by offering its own credit card, since many large credit card and banking companies do not currently allow for cannabis transactions because the substance is still illegal on a federal level, forcing customers to pay for the pricey medicines in cash or through the cannabis payment application CanPay, according to Ison.

“A lot of people feel a lot more comfortable that they can make these transactions without carrying a lot of cash,” he said. “A lot of this is not like a $5 bottle of soda.”

For those who can’t make the trip to America’s Downtown, the company also hand-delivers the products with a secure delivery service, according to Ison.

“You have a lot of folks that are in the program but it takes them two hours to get to the dispensary,” he said.

Customers will have to show their identification and state-issued medical cannabis card at the store’s reception area.

The dispensary will also sell their own lineup of cannabidiol products, which is a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant which is legal for recreational use and which customers will be able to buy without the medical card, Ison said.

The Brooklyn location will be more open and welcoming than the company’s first New York City outpost in Manhattan, which they designed to look more like an upscale doctor’s office to make it comfortable for people who were new to the drug, when the state first legalized it for medicinal use.

The new store has a slick wood-paneled interior with a mural designed by Brooklyn artist Marleigh Culver, which Ison said will make the store fit in with the borough’s artistic vibe.

“It’s that nod to Brooklyn and it’s gorgeous,” he said. “We’re really excited about it and have taken a lot of care with the design of the interior and the exterior, so we’re excited to be part of the community.”

The dispensary is slated to open April 20, which coincidentally is the unofficial international day to celebrate cannabis, according to the rep.

“Our mission is really a medical mission and although we recognize that some folks are a little bit more recreational. It’s was a bit of a coincidence to be frank,” he said. “It’s relevant nonetheless, there’s a lot of people who are talking about medical cannabis around April 20, so that works great for us.”

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New digs: Columbia Care will open its first Kings County medical cannabis dispensory Downtown, which will for the first time in the borough offer weed suppositories, their own credit card, and home delivery from their Court Street outlet on April 20.
Columbia Care