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Burglar caught in the act flees home empty-handed

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

No steal

A would-be thief climbed through a Bay Ridge Parkway bathroom window on Dec. 25 and tried to steal a safe before a witness confronted him and he dropped it and fled.

The man broke into the building between 19th and 20th avenues just after 10:30 am. But when a witness caught the wannabe thief trying to haul the safe away and demanded to know if he lived in the building and subsequently asked him to prove his residence, the man dropped the safe and fled on 19th Avenue toward 74th Street.

Christmas gifts gone

A thief smashed the front driver-side window of a woman’s car near her Shore Parkway workplace on Dec. 26 and stole electronics, jewelry, and sneakers from inside.

The crook broke into the woman’s car parked between 24th Avenue and Bay 37th Street at 5 am.

Pass the gas

Police arrested a man who they say charged $51.82 worth of gas to a woman’s Discover Card at a Bay Parkway gas station on Dec. 26.

The man charged the gas funds to the car at the station between Bath and Cropsey avenues just before midnight.

Window of opportunity

A thief broke into the side door entrance of an 18th Avenue restaurant on Dec. 26 and stole $2,000, electronics, and a wine bottle.

The perp made the steal at 12:30 am between 77th and 78th streets and exited the eatery the same way he entered it.

Key to the cash

A crook stole $420 from the register of an 18th Avenue store on Dec. 26.

The perp took the cash from the 72nd Street store just before 3:15 am and then fled on foot. He entered the store through the side door with a key and also used a key to open the register and take the cash.

Office heist

A good-for-nothing stole $5,000 cash and two cards from a Bay 28th Street office at some point between Dec. 26 and 27.

The office assistant closed up the space at 86th Street just after 5:15 pm on the 26th, and returned the next day to find one of the two locks unlocked, two cards gone, and $5,000 missing from an envelope inside a desk.

The thief tried to use the cards online at Target but they were declined.

Back to reality

A thief ransacked a W. 10th Street home and stole $1,500 at some point between Dec. 26 and 28, while the homeowners were on vacation.

The victims returned to their home between Highlawn Avenue and Avenue S at 3:30 pm, when they found their rear door kicked in and the money missing from an envelope.

Cash gone in a flash

A no-goodnik stole $1,400 from a woman’s purse while she was shopping at an 86th Street store on Dec. 30.

The woman was shopping between Bay 19th and 20th streets just after noon.

— Julianne McShane

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