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Burglar swipes cash from Dahill Road home

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cash grab

A baddie broke into a Dahill Road home and stole $8,000 on Feb. 6, police said.

The incident occurred at the home between Avenue P and Quentin Road at some point around 3 pm, when the criminal entered through the open rear bedroom window, according to the report.

Jeweled up

A nogoodnik stole a package with an estimated $1,800 worth of jewelry inside from the lobby of a W. Sixth Street building on Feb. 4.

The intended recipient of the package went to pick it up from the building near Avenue S at some point before 3 pm, and found that it wasn’t there, according to the report.

Detention time

An intruder broke into a Bay Parkway school on Feb. 5.

The break-in occurred at the learning house at 80th Street just before 8 pm, police said, adding that the would-be crook entered through the building’s back doors and pried open the secretary’s office window with an unknown object, but fled out the front door when he heard someone else inside the building.

Bagged it

A thief stole a man’s bag with $1,300 inside at an Avenue T hair salon on Feb. 5.

The incident occurred at the hair salon between W. Ninth and 10th streets at some point before 10 pm, when the man arrived home from the salon and realized he had left his bag there. But when he contacted the salon to inquire about his goods, employees told him they were gone, according to the report.

Keyed up

A good-for-nothing assaulted a man and stole his car keys on 85th Street on Feb. 8.

The incident occurred at 23rd Avenue around 10:30 pm, when the driver was parking his car at the intersection and the perp approached him, opened the car door, punched him in the stomach, and pulled him out of his car before parking the vehicle on the side of the road and fleeing on 23rd Avenue towards 84th Street, according to the report.

Phone a friend

A nogoodnik stole a cellphone from inside a car parked on 23rd Avenue on Feb. 8.

The incident occurred between 64th and 65th streets at around 12:20 pm, when video shows the perp opening the car door, grabbing the phone, and then fleeing on foot down 23rd Avenue towards 65th Street.

Call them cons

A pair of perps stole a cellphone from a Shore Parkway business and threatened to hit an employee on Feb. 9.

The incident occurred at the store between Bayview Place and 24th Avenue just after 3:30 pm, when the louts entered and grabbed the phone from the display case, according to the report, which added that one of the perps asked an employee who approached “do you want to get hit?” They then fled with the phone on Shore Parkway towards 24th Avenue, police said.

— Julianne McShane

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