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Burglar takes jewelry and cash from Ocean Ave. home

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Air-con buster

A baddie ransacked an Ocean Avenue apartment on Jan. 9.

The intruder broke in to the home near Avenue W sometime between 2:30 and 11 pm through the back bedroom window by pushing down the air conditioner and stole four gold chains and $800, according to cops.

He bolted

A burglar took tools and cash from a building on Coyle Street on Jan. 9.

The brigand broke into the building by pushing in the side door near Avenue U at 1:15 am and stole a crow bar, bolt cutter, a jacket, and $300, according to police.

The crook then fled with his bounty towards Avenue V, cops said.

Vandal scandal

A lout vandalized a woman’s home on Bragg Street on Jan. 9.

The victim told cops she left her house near Avenue X around 10 am and when she returned at 3 pm, she found her front door broken down and that someone had written “get the f— out!” and “woman beater gtfo of our hood!” on the walls.

Run with the jewels

A villain looted a house on Voorhies Avenue sometime between Jan. 10 and 11.

Police say the victim left the home near E. 29th Street at 7 pm, and returned at 4:45 pm the next day to find some ne’er-do-well had kicked in the basement door and stolen jewelry worth some $12,000 before fleeing the scene.

Sneak thief

A punk robbed a woman’s home on W. Fifth Street on Jan. 11.

The victim told cops she left her place near Avenue V at 8 am, and came back at 11:30 pm to find that someone had looted her dresser drawer, bagging engagement rings, $400, and other jewelry.

Police did not find any forced point of entry, but the victim told them that the window above the fire escape was unlocked during the day.

Gunpoint robbery

A masked malcontent robbed a man at gunpoint on E. 21st Street on Jan. 9.

The victim told cops he was near Avenue T at midnight when the nogoodnik showed a black gun and told him to “Give me all your money.”

He handed him $30 and then the criminal ran towards Avenue U, according to police.

Botched sale

A band of thieves stole a man’s sneakers on Sheepshead Bay Road on Jan. 10.

The victim arranged to meet with one of the malefactors near E. 15th Street at 5:15 pm to sell him the shoes, but when he met with him, four other scoundrels surrounded him and the baddie said, “These are my sneakers now and you’re not getting them back,” according to police.

Another rapscallion forced the shoes from the victim, and the bandits fled towards E. 14th Street, cops said..

— Kevin Duggan

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