Burg’s Most Eligible Bachelor is… Brian Cheigh!

Burg’s Most Eligible Bachelor is… Brian Cheigh!

Ladies and gentlemen… but mostly ladies… your Williamsburg Most Eligible Bachelor is Brian Cheigh!

When Brian Cheigh, 33, is not sitting by his desk in his day job as an affordable housing developer for Williamsburg’s St. Nicks Alliance (11 Catherine Street), the soft-spoken 6’2” MIT graduate and Clinton Hill resident keeps in shape by playing basketball and soccer in recreational leagues in McCarren Park or taking salsa lessons at a nearby studio.

“It’s cold and a lot of fun,” said Cheigh, referring to the soccer league. He plays defense. “It’s very competitive and a good atmosphere. with a lot of Europeans, Haitians, Latin Americans and Americans, mostly people in their 20s and early 30s.”

Cheigh’s other hobbies include helping people. Really. He runs a volunteer tax-preparation organization for low-income families though his friend and former co-worker, Moses Gates, said that the “debonair bachelor can occasionally be spotted out on the town with the skinny-jeans crowd.”

“It’s just like Swingers, Brian is so money and he doesn’t even know it,” said Gates. “He brings the looks, the heart, the brains, and even the moves, from the basketball court to the salsa dance floor. I forgot we have to throw in something about the Salsa moves.”

Cheigh’s favorite part of working in Williamsburg is that he gets to visit the usually locked-up boiler rooms and rooftops of many different buildings in the community. His ideal date?

“Something where you don’t even notice that you’re on a date,” said Cheigh. “Doing something so absorbing you’re not even aware that you’re performing, you’re in a comfort zone where you can be yourself.”

When informed that he was being considered as Williamsburg’s Most Eligible Bachelor, Cheigh asked whether there is a time commitment involved and if he has to put on a crown. There is not and it is a metaphorical crown. Still, Cheigh has big plans for assuming the duties of his title.

“I would use it to impress a special someone,” said Cheigh.

Ladies, he’s all yours.


Council member Steve Levin, 29, (D-Williamsburg) and his Constituent Liaison Rami Metal, 34.

Both Levin and Metal are Greenpoint residents, but their work keeps them moving throughout 11211. Levin’s spokesperson, Hope Reichbach, recommended both for consideration, adding that Levin has “hit the ground running as an elected official and has been a successful and inspiring community organizer. He’s also a cutie, just ask anyone who has seen his campaign lit.”

John-Scott, 32

This Greenpoint resident, who works at a start-up in the city, is known for making tasty vegetarian pizza and enjoys fixing computers while reading philosophy,

“He is a shy wee thing and I took it upon myself to get to know him better by organizing Friday drinks at a dive joint,” said friend Elizabeth Gregory. “After some social lubricant we call alcohol, he became a lot less awkward and could tell a yarn like no man I have met yet. I love this man. Has no idea he is handsome and he is not a wannabe hipster.”