Bushwick big on ‘Buck’

“Big Buck Girls,” left, Katie Chirempes and Lily Blumberg pose with Chris Fream, the reigning Big Buck Hunter champion at Pinebox Rock Shop in Bushwick.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

It comes as no surprise that Pinebox Rock Shop, Bushwick’s diveiest bar that serves only vegan drinks, is also the Big Buck Hunter capital of New York — racking up 285 more games in a month than its closest competition.

Nor does it come as a surprise that the bar, on Grattan Street between Morgan and Bogart streets, was an honored stop on Thursday during the video game’s Summer Training Tour, which pits Buck amateurs against the Buck master — Chris Fream, the 2012 world Big Buck Hunter champion.

Yes — such a thing exists.

In honor of the momentous visitation from the champ, the bar had four Big Buck Hunter consoles on free play, saving quarters better used for laundry (but not tips, we hope).

There was even a mini-tournament, hosted by the “Big Buck Girls” (models in tight T-shirts). That this was part of the event should come as no surprise to Big Buck Hunter fans, since the game includes almost as much cleavage as it does caribou.

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Taking aim: The reigning Big Buck Hunter Champion, Chris Fream, finds his target at the Pinebox Rock Shop in Bushwick, where the bar game has a huge following among vegan hipsters.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

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