Buttermilk Channel’s skirt steak is a heck of dish

Buttermilk Channel’s skirt steak is a heck of dish
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

Ordering the skirt steak at any ol’ eatery can yield a grab bag of results — a bland, heavily oiled or overcooked beef slab can leave you wishing you ordered something a little more exciting. But we’re proud to show off the one at Buttermilk Channel, which is not only the best thing we ate this week, but quite possibly the best skirt steak anywhere outside of Argentina.

In a swank, community-endearing restaurant with an already vibrant and complex menu, it’s nice to see that head chef Ryan Angulo spends just as much expertise on his skirt steak ($22) as he does, say, his famous fried chicken and waffles.

This dish features a healthy helping of peppery Angus beef, cooked to a perfect balance of tangy and slightly crispy on the outside, buttery-sweet and sinewy on the inside. A steak knife is purely optional — this cut of juicy tenderness was no match for a butter knife.

Mix that with a mouthful of Angulo’s charred snap pea side salad with anchovy and lemon vinaigrette, and you’re in meal-savoring heaven.

But here’s the thing about Buttermilk Channel: There’s just too much to try. Bring a cute date (pictured) and share the steak and a helping of duck meatloaf ($20), which, with a sweet smattering of corn pudding on the side, is a flavorful far cry from mom’s ketchup-laden beef concoction back home.

Buttermilk Channel [524 Court St. at Huntington Street in Carroll Gardens, (718) 852-8490]. Open every day. For info, visit www.buttermilkchannelnyc.com.