‘C’ ya later! Three muggings in same subway station

Turnstile terror

Three women were held up as they entered the Clinton-Washington train station this week — possibly by the same man. Here’s the harrowing rundown:

• A thug jumped a 22-year-old inside the station on Oct. 26, forcing the woman to hand over her wallet.

The victim took note of the thief sitting at the base of the stairs as she descended into the station at Lafayette and Washington avenues at 5:50 pm. A moment later, the thief was on her, trapping her in the turnstile with a knife in his hand, police were told.

• A thief pulled a knife on a 28-year-old woman on Oct. 29.

The woman entered the Clinton-Washington station at 9:40 pm. The thief grabbed her at the turnstile and held his knife to her face as he took her property.

• A brute palmed the back of a 53-year-old woman’s head inside the Clinton-Washington station during a furious Oct. 27 exchange.

The woman was in the station’s mezzanine, near the corner of Lafayette and Washington avenues, at 6:53 pm when the thief grabbed her. He shoved the woman’s head down and ripped her handbag off her shoulder.

Jaw breaker

A thief busted a 45-year-old man’s jaw during an Oct. 22 mugging at the corner of Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue.

The victim was walking home from a nearby G train at 10:30 pm when the thief attacked, striking him twice in the face with a hard object.

“I gotta get the money, Son … I’m all about the bread,” the thief said before running off with his victim’s $600 watch.

The victim suffered a fractured jaw and was taken to Brooklyn Hospital.

Cruel quintet

Five teens attacked a 16-year-old at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues during a bloody Oct. 26 altercation.

The victim had just exited the crime-addled Atlantic Terminal Mall at 3:20 pm when the thugs jumped him, slashing open his face and hand during the violent exchange.

Chain gang

Two pistol-packing punks swiped a chain from a 44-year-old on Oct. 29 during a harrowing confrontation at the corner of Carlton Avenue and Fulton Street.

The victim said the thieves stopped him in the street at 9:10 am.
“You know what this is,” one thief said, drawing his gun. “Give me your chain.”

The victim refused, but the thieves yanked the item off his neck and fled before he could protest any further, police were told.

Three on one

A thuggish trio jumped a 28-year-old near the corner of Fulton Street and Washington avenues on Oct. 27.

The victim was nearing the corner at 3 pm when the goons jumped him and ran off with his laptop computer — only to be arrested by police a short time later.

Cumberland choke

A heavy-handed brute throttled a woman on Cumberland Street during an Oct. 24 fight over a handbag.

The woman was between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues at 11:45 pm when the thief put her in a choke hold and swiped her property.

Shady crime

A thief stole a pair of sunglasses from a 31-year-old man at the corner of Fulton Street and Clermont avenues on Oct. 29, but didn’t have much time to enjoy his new shades.

The victim was nearing the corner at 12:05 pm when the thief shoved him and removed the sunglasses from his head. The thief ran off with his prize, only to be apprehended a short time later.

Restaurant raid

Thieves broke into the Academy Restaurant on Lafayette Avenue on Oct. 28, taking $1,500.

Workers closed the restaurant between Fulton Street and S. Elliott Place at 6 pm and reopened 11 hours later to discover that a security gate covering a side door had been forced open.

iPhone grab

A thug plucked an iPhone out of a 43-year-old woman’s hands at the corner of Ashland Place and Willoughby Street on Oct. 28.

The thief grabbed the phone at 4:10 pm and made a bee-line toward the Ingersol Houses, cops were told.

We smell a rat

A thief swiped a pocketbook from a 19-year-old woman during a Oct. 29 celebration inside Chuck E. Cheese on Flatbush Avenue.

The woman told police she put her bag down inside the eatery, which is part of the crime-ridden Atlantic Terminal Mall between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue, at 5 pm. When she returned a half hour later, the bag had disappeared.

Workers found the woman’s bag later that night, but the iPod and credit cards inside were gone.

Clermont crook

A thief kicked his way into a Clermont Avenue apartment on Oct. 25 as the tenant stepped out for a bite to eat.

An iPod, two video game consoles and more than $1,300 were removed from his apartment between Park and Myrtle avenues sometime between 8 and 9:30 pm, the victim told police.

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