Cajun crustaceans!

Cajun crustaceans!
First ecounters: The small fresh-water crustaceans are referred to as “mudbugs.”
Courtesy of Avi Glickstein

Come grub some mudbugs!

Sycamore Bar and Flowershop in Ditmas Park is throwing a Louisiana-style crawfish boil to kick off the summer and celebrate the end of the fishing season for the cajun crustaceans — but don’t expect to go hungry eating the small creatures.

“We order like 300 to 350 pounds of live crawfish from a farm in Louisiana,” said Justin Israelson, the owner of Sycamore, who grew up with the boils in Texas. “We’ll be serving them in buckets.”

The buckets of the small creatures, which look like miniature lobsters and are referred to lovingly as “mudbugs” due to fresh water and often swampy areas they thrive in, will be paired with Louisiana-based Abita beer.

And you might meet some transplanted Southern-folk-turned-Brooklynites while you’re at it.

“The people that show up are the Texas and Louisiana people who come out of the woodwork to do their thing,” said Israelson. “It’s all about the party at a crawfish boil, if you do it back at home, people just eat a few just to have a good time.”

The Crawfish Boil at Sycamore Bar and Flowershop [1118 Cortelyou Rd. between Westminster Road and East 11th Street in Ditmas Park (347) 240–5850, www.sycamorebrooklyn.com] June 2 at 2pm. $25.

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