Cakeman Raven is burglarized!

Take the cake

A nighttime burglar got into Cakeman Raven’s bakery on Fulton Street and stole a TV on Oct. 25.

The owners left the premises at 10:25 pm, but when they came in to start baking at around 8:30 am the next day, they saw that the thief had broken into the upstairs back door and taken the television, worth $2,000.


Three thieves fleeced a truck parked on a construction site as a worker looked on from above on Oct. 29.

The witness was working on the second floor of the building-to-be, located on Adelphi Street near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, when he saw three men skulking around a vehicle parked below at around 4 pm.

Shortly after, he saw the thieving trio loading tools worth $1,200 into a gold van. The brave worker ran down to stop them, but one of the thugs pushed him back as another stepped on the gas and sped off.

Case cracked

Cops cuffed a crackhead who choked a woman and stole her purse on Oct. 29.

The victim was walking to the train on St. James Place near Greene Avenue at around 7:20 pm when she felt a pair of arms encircle her neck in a strangle hold. She passed out, and when she came to, her Valentino purse, which contained $70, was gone. When police found their suspect later on, he was in possession of his crack pipe, but not the woman’s purse.

Pratt attack
A thug robbed a Pratt student on the corner of Waverly and Greene Avenues on Oct. 29.

The victim was walking home from class at 1:15 am when the perp approached and said, “Give me your money or I’ll shoot you.”

She knew that the weapon was simulated, but her fear was real. She relinquished her camera, phone and credit cards.

Crime fiction

An Adelphi Street prowler entered a woman’s house as she was sleeping on the morning of Halloween, but got a scare when she awoke.

The victim had fallen asleep while reading in the kitchen of her apartment near DeKalb Avenue. At around 6 am, she awoke to the sound of someone tramping through the rooms.

“Who are you and what are you doing?” she asked.

“Give me your money,” responded the stranger, at which point the woman started smacking him with the previously uninteresting novel.

“Get out of here,” she yelled. And the thug ran off.

Robbing wraith

A Halloween joyrider stole a woman’s old Cadillac Deville.

The victim left her clunker on Washington Park at around 7:15 pm on Halloween night. She returned just 45 minutes later, but the thief had made off with his treat.

School of spooks

On Halloween night a marauder wreaked havoc on an Adelphi Street elementary school, tearing through it like a ghost.

The custodian called police at 2:30 am to report that an intruder had smashed the glass of a rear cafeteria door in the Ronald Edmonds Learning Center, but the troublemaker hadn’t taken a thing.

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