Can Congressman Charlie ‘Wrangle’ himself out of this one?

They put Martha Stewart in jail because she fibbed and former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik will serve four years in the klink for not only fibbing, but for questionable ethical practices regarding home improvements, (eight felonies; lying to the White House and filing false taxes among other crimes),- but Congressman Charles B Rangle gets off with less than a smack on the wrist for not one but several missdeeds of a smiliar kind.

Last year the head of the Ways and Means committee had found very innovative ways and means to beat the taxes on his property in the Caribbean. He then wrangled out of why he paid taxes in Washington and not in New York City. This go round he’s worming himself out of two corporate-sponsored trips to the Caribbean in violation of House rules.

Nancy Pelosi, who has had lots to say about everyone else, has strangely not taken any action — nor will she, according to reports — “until the full results are in.” How much more does she need?She also stated, “…Rangel’s alleged misdeeds have not jeopardized our country in any way.”

Excuse me -since when is lying and cheating not a jeopardy to our country especially when the lying and cheating is perpetratedby the very same people that are elected and appointed to protect those laws. Where’s the sanctity of the office?

Pelosi is so interested in having the medical bill passed and wants it done whether or not the Republicans are on board that she’s really not concerned about the repeated misdeeds of the head of the Ways and Means Committee.

Come on now, Nancy, start earning your keep. As Speaker of the House your job, in addition to being chief spokesperson for the majority party, is to appoint committee members, and make sure that the committee members who are appointed do their job. Generally, Nancy, that means not cheating and lying, so stop worrying about the insurance bill and start cleaning up your committee heads. Your priorities are a little out of place.

Not for nuthin, Nancy, but you should be looking at the real ways and means of Congressman Rangel’s ways and means. [email protected]