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Car break-ins sweep the 63rd Precinct

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Carload of robberies

There were a slew of car break-ins reported in the 63rd Precinct last week. Here’s the rundown:

• Some marauder broke into woman’s car parked near an E. 32nd Street park on Jan. 28.

The woman told police that she parked her vehicle in a parking lot near Avenue R around 9 am to walk her dog. When she returned 30 minutes later, her passenger-side window was broken and the pocketbook — containing her smartphone, her wallet, and identification card — she left inside was gone, cops said.

• A nogoodnik smashed into a vehicle parked on Nostrand Avenue on Jan. 28.

The owner parked her car near Avenue U around 5 pm, and when she returned, found the passenger-side window shattered. Several of the woman’s credit cards and identification were stolen, and she told cops that she has canceled them, according to police.

• A pilferer swiped several parts of a car parked on Avenue M near E. 59th Street sometime overnight on Jan. 26.

The brigand broke the back seat passenger window sometime between 9 pm and at 11 am and took the navigation system, front bumper, license plate, and a fully stocked makeup bag, according to the report.

• Someone broke into a car parked on Georgetown Lane between Avenues M and N sometime overnight on Jan. 26.

The sneak snatched the owner’s license, several debit and credit cards, and a social security card from the car sometime between 9:30 pm and 8 am, police said. No damage was reported, according to the report.

• A robber broke into a vehicle parked near an Avenue S park on Jan. 16 and took credit cards.

The owner told police officers that she parked her vehicle near E. 32nd Street around 8 am, locked it, and returned an hour later. A week later she discovered unauthorized charges made to several of her bank accounts, according to cops. She believes she left her car unlocked and a pilferer raided her purse for the cards, but left the bag, according to the report.

• Someone stole some gadgets from a car parked on Ralph Avenue near E. 65th Street on Jan. 24.

A nogoodnik got away with the owner’s laptop, a driver’s license, and several debit cards while she was gone between 8:05 and 9:05 pm. Cops said the vehicle was not damaged.

Debit intercept

A fraudster made purchases with an E. 51st Street man’s debit card between Jan. 18 and Jan. 26.

The man, who lives near Avenue J, told officers that he never received the debit card he was expecting for his newly opened account. When he went to the bank to investigate, he discovered that several charges were posted to his account that he did not make, according to police.

— Alexandra Simon

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